Facebook Influencers

Find Facebook super-users that can help increase your brand presence.

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Identify powerful Facebook users

Facebook is the world’s biggest social network. With help from the right influencers, they can amplify your branded Facebook content exponentially.

See who they are

See who they are

Check out who is mentioning your brand on Facebook. Get an overview of what they’re saying on public pages.

Create trust

Create trust

Collaborate with experts in the same niche as you to build trust with your audience.

Reach a new community

Reach a new community

Increase your Facebook followers by borrowing your influencer partners’ community.

Speak to the right audience

Speak to the right audience

Put your message in front of Facebook users with similar profiles as your target audience.

Connect with influencers

Connect with influencers

Reach out to potential content creators and establish a relationship.

Find influencers

Spot influencers first

See which of your Facebook fans are influential so you can prioritize your engagement with them.

Identify and work with powerful Facebook users

Popular Facebook users can amplify your brand’s message quickly. Find relevant ones to work with to give your content a boost.

Find influential Facebook users easily

Looking for the right Facebook influencer is no easy task. Use Mention to sift through your conversations to find the perfect one.

Increase trust with your new audience

People now look individuals they trust online for product and brand recommendations. Align your brand with a credible influencer to build your trust.

Connect with influencers effortlessly

No need to track down the contact information of influencers. Reach out to them directly by commenting on a Facebook post!

Reach more people

Need to reach a bigger audience? Work with influential Facebook users to expand your reach.

Amplify your Facebook efforts

With organic reach declining, your Facebook content needs help to reach more people. Mention helps you find influencers easily.

Find Facebook influencers quickly

Power users could already be talking about your brand. Filter through your Facebook mentions to see which influencers are mentioning you.

Interact with them right away

Directly like or comment on public Facebook posts. Reply to influencers mentioning you immediately.

Monitor influencers of competitors

Create an alert of your competitors to keep track of which Facebook influencers they’re working with.

Brands finding influencers with Mention

Check out a few companies that use Mention to find and work with influencers.