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ease of use

Advanced alerts

Comprehensive Boolean queries for precise online brand monitoring.


Real time

Real-time updates and alerts.


Precise monitoring

Location and language of all your mentions.

Why Mention is the best alternative to Brand24

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Get immediate alerts

We're a real-time monitoring company. As soon as a conversation takes place online, you'll know about it and be able to act. And Mention's Advanced Alerts let you cut through all the noise, and only receive mentions that matter.

Trackur alternative

Detailed reports and analytics

When you collect a lot of mentions online and on social media, you need to analyze them easily. Mention gives you all the tools you need to find trends, understand your market, and identify unexpected circumstances.

Trackur alternatives

Track your competition

You can learn a lot from other businesses in your industry. Follow the brands you know, find more you've never heard of, and build a detailed marketing strategy perfect for the industry you're in.

mention vs Trackur

Watch campaigns evolve

Track your PR and marketing campaigns from the first mention, and watch as they spread. Find out what matters most to your audience, and watch as your brand goes viral.

“ We want one single tool that lets us provide many deliverables to our clients. We tried many tools, compared them, and found that Mention was the simplest to use. ”

Andrea Fallas, McCann

“ Without the Boolean functionality, we’d have to set up individual alerts for every one of those sites. The Boolean is pretty invaluable to us. It’s actually one of the main reasons we settled on Mention in the end. ”

Chris Bennett, English Heritage

Andrea Fallas McCann
Chris Bennett
Ease of Use
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