Monitor your PR results effectively

Assess your media presence comprehensively to grasp the genuine impact of your campaigns. Track global coverage with live feeds and keywords, and seamlessly share key insights with stakeholders.

Measuring your PR KPIs

Stop looking for needles in a haystack: the Mention Feed allows you to easily find press clippings using filters and tags. Measure the earned media gained from your campaign with Reports, analyze reach, identify influencers who amplified your message, and break down the results by country. Compare your performance with past campaigns and pinpoint a specific area of focus with our QuickChart feature.

Unlock new partnership opportunities

Your campaign tracking will uncover influential people, brands and institutions in your industry. Use our Influencer dashboard to pinpoint them, start following their activities, and initiate conversations that could pave the way for additional PR opportunities.

Let stakeholders know the impact of your work

We understand that demonstrating the value of PR campaigns can be challenging. Enjoy instant presentation-ready reports that can be delivered to anyone in one click, or opt for advanced reporting, focusing on specific aspects of your campaigns. Save hours per week by putting your reporting on autopilot, with automated delivery at the frequency of your choice.

What Mention can do for you

Get quantitative data (volume of mentions, reach…)
Get qualitative data (topics, sentiment…) on your campaigns
Extensive source crawling across the web and social media
Access historical data
Identify your most influential brand promoters
Identify most profitable media channels

What our customers say about Mention

  • It comes down to trust. Mention was well known as the experts of media monitoring, so naturally, we went with them. We know we can use their tool and trust it 100%.

    Juliette Hervé

    Content Marketing Manager @Spendesk

  • Mention is a crucial tool for shaping our offerings and pricing. Frankly, I consider it indispensable for running my business.

    Nathanael Rosidi

    CEO @StrataScratch

  • We were contacted several times by one of Mention's competitors. There were a few differences, but overall, Mention achieved the same results. However, the price had nothing to do with it.... For me, Mention is the best value for money.

    Damien Haudrechy

    Social Media Manager @K•LINE

  • The most important metric for us is being able to anticipate threats. We’re using some of Mention’s reporting tools to bring clients the information before they’ve seen it themselves.

    Lex Bearden

    Digital Content Manager @Calvert Street Group

  • Mention allowed us to automate media monitoring and get real-time alerts whenever our brand was mentioned online. It saves us hours every week.

    Darby Wong

    CEO @Clerky

  • Mention showed a spike in popularity among South Korean Instagram users. We quickly translated our ads to Korean, to target this new
    market. We would never have known about our Korean market without Mention’s analytics.

    Schöneck Shoaf

    Cofounder @1 Second Everyday

“We initially relied on Google Alerts but found it inadequate for meeting the metrics and KPIs our clients demanded. Implementing a solution that tracks social media and press coverage filled a crucial gap in our agency's capabilities, swiftly becoming a valuable asset in client acquisition“

Jon Woodroof, Founder @Twotone

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“With Mention, it’s really easy to see what’s happening with the project. Even if it’s a newspaper in Serbia, in England, or in Denmark. We can take that and publish it on our website, and share it with the community”

Maria Suardiaz, Account Manager @Ogilvy

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“Mention lets Ogilvy make quick reports showing our press coverage. We create documents every month to follow social networks and clippings. It’s very useful”

Maria Suardiaz, Account Manager @Ogilvy

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