Get control over a crisis

Anticipate a crisis before it explodes, and quickly calm down the digital storm.

Prevention is better than cure

Early detection and swift action before issues escalate are essential. Spike alerts play a crucial role by notifying you of unusual mention volume and sounding the alarm for immediate attention. The sentiment and influence score of mentions in your feed helps identify potential threats, preventing the first steps towards bad buzz. When you spot a mention with a high influence score and negative sentiment, it's time to initiate your action plan swiftly.

Calm the effects of the crisis

Track the evolution of sentiment over time in your reports to understand when and why the shift happened. Pay attention to the topics and hashtags that people discussed on forums or social media, that led to the crisis. Identify key stakeholders and influencers in our dashboard, and incorporate them into your crisis communication strategy.

Evaluate the impact of your actions after the storm

Share essential communication with the help of our Engage features, then measure your plan’s impact on media and online conversations. This involves analyzing variations in volume, sentiment, and topics. Enhance your reports by adding customized context tags to your data.

What Mention can do for you

Choose how you want to be notified
Take advantage of Slack integration
Generate custom reports
Collaborate with your colleagues
Respond quickly
Find influencers

What our customers say about Mention

  • It comes down to trust. Mention was well known as the experts of media monitoring, so naturally, we went with them. We know we can use their tool and trust it 100%.

    Juliette Hervé

    Content Marketing Manager @Spendesk

  • Mention is a crucial tool for shaping our offerings and pricing. Frankly, I consider it indispensable for running my business.

    Nathanael Rosidi

    CEO @StrataScratch

  • We were contacted several times by one of Mention's competitors. There were a few differences, but overall, Mention achieved the same results. However, the price had nothing to do with it.... For me, Mention is the best value for money.

    Damien Haudrechy

    Social Media Manager @K•LINE

  • The most important metric for us is being able to anticipate threats. We’re using some of Mention’s reporting tools to bring clients the information before they’ve seen it themselves.

    Lex Bearden

    Digital Content Manager @Calvert Street Group

  • Mention allowed us to automate media monitoring and get real-time alerts whenever our brand was mentioned online. It saves us hours every week.

    Darby Wong

    CEO @Clerky

  • Mention showed a spike in popularity among South Korean Instagram users. We quickly translated our ads to Korean, to target this new
    market. We would never have known about our Korean market without Mention’s analytics.

    Schöneck Shoaf

    Cofounder @1 Second Everyday

“This is something that our client really wanted to know - if there were any problems. They not only wanted to improve their social media marketing, they also wanted to have the best possible communication with their customers in case of a crisis”

José Delgado, Founder & Director @Domino Internet

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“The most important metric for us is being able to anticipate threats. We’re using some of Mention’s reporting tools to bring clients the information before they’ve seen it themselves“

Lex Bearden, Digital Content Manager, @Calver Street Group

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“It gives our customers an 'eyes wide open' perspective of the advantages and opportunities that competitors are letting go, and which spaces we can fill.”

Damien Haudrechy, Social Media Manager @K•LINE

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