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Clerky is an online platform specialized in making it easy for startups to incorporate and get other legal paperwork done. Their main goal is to help startups get legal paperwork done correctly so that they don't run into problems in legal due diligence. They offer a range of ready-to-use legal products specifically designed to meet the needs of startups. Clerky enables founders to focus on building their startup with less worry about their legal paperwork.

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Palo Alto, California


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Launching a startup is an all-consuming endeavor. Founders pour their time and passion into building products, hiring teams, and securing funding. Amidst these demands, it's tempting to see legal paperwork as a distraction. But the quality of those early legal foundations is important. Mistakes or oversights, often introduced by well-meaning online legal services, can derail fundraising rounds or acquisition offers down the line. Clerky was built to help founders sidestep these pitfalls. By combining automation with deep legal expertise, Clerky makes it easy to lay a rock-solid legal foundation from the start. This way founders can stay focused on scaling their vision, secure in the knowledge that they're prepared for their next big milestone.
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Optimized brand monitoring process

Clerky recognized the significance of monitoring its brand presence online. However, to refine and amplify this monitoring endeavor, Clerky aimed to streamline the process by leveraging a trusted tool.

After seeking recommendations from entrepreneurial connections and rigorously testing various solutions, Clerky opted for Mention. This decision was rooted not only in Mention's efficiency and effectiveness but also in its user-friendly interface, making it the ideal choice for Clerky's needs.

"Mention allowed us to automate media monitoring and get real-time alerts whenever our brand was mentioned online. It saves us hours every week."

Darby Wong
CEO of Clerky
Clerky team

Identify more brand mentions, faster

Clerky quickly encountered two prevalent challenges shared by all Mention customers prior to their integration with our platform: data reliability and accessibility. Regarding data reliability, Darby candidly acknowledges that before adopting Mention, he was aware of the shortfall in capturing mentions of his brand and potential speaking opportunities.

This significant gap in visibility was a primary motivator behind his decision to opt for Mention. In terms of data accessibility, Darby recognized that manually collecting brand mentions was labor-intensive and likely not the most efficient use of his time as a CEO. Once he experienced the convenience and effectiveness of Mention, reverting to manual methods became impossible for him. Last but not least, Clerky's teams greatly appreciate Mention's ability to alert them as quickly as possible, enabling them to react swiftly.

"Mention has become an indispensable part of our brand monitoring and communication strategy. It's one of the most valuable tools we use day-to-day. I can't imagine going back to the pre-Mention days of manual searching. It allows our team to stay on top of mentions of our brand, no matter how obscure. I highly recommend it."

Darby Wong
CEO of Clerky

Monitor the market and competitors

Initially, Clerky enlisted our services primarily for brand monitoring purposes. However, as they delved deeper into utilizing our tool, they unearthed the potential for additional benefits. Specifically, they recognized the value in leveraging our platform to track shifts within their market landscape and keep tabs on competitor activities. Whether monitoring his brand or his market, Darby realized that Mention was a "game changer" and that going back to manual monitoring was now "unthinkable".

“Mention has been very helpful for monitoring our market. We are able to easily track any new announcements competitors are making and also to get a better sense for what the market sentiment about our competitors is, what kinds of customers they have, etc.”

Darby Wong
CEO of Clerky

Mention & Clerky

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