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Doctors of the World is an international human rights organization providing emergency and long-term medical care to vulnerable people, wherever they are.




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Founded in 1980, Doctors of the World is currently active in more than 80 countries, where they are able to run over 400 programs and campaigns with the help and support of 3000+ volunteers around the globe.

We sat down with Nicolas Danicourt, Digital Manager for the organization to understand their current challenges and how Mention supports their day to day activities.

“We have over 370 programs in more than 70 countries – many of them managed by our local teams, with the support of over 2,000 global volunteers.”

Nicolas Danicourt
Digital Manager

The reality of our time is that most businesses are struggling to leverage social media to appeal to their target audience. NGOs are not exempt from this and have it, more often than not, even harder than most businesses as they usually have smaller marketing budgets. After all, donors don’t want their money to be invested in costly marketing campaigns.

In short, they need fewer tools to cover most of their needs, for an honest and affordable price. Mention is one of those tools for them. Today, the organization is leveraging Mention’s features to:
  • Reach out and understand younger potential donors
  • Ensure an equal mediatic cover for the organization’s key fights
  • Protect the organization’s reputation
  • Protect the organization from physical threats
  • Schedule reports measuring performance and progress

Reaching out to younger donors to ensure the future of the organization

Just like most NGOs, Doctors of the World is fully dependent on the donations they receive. The more donations, the more actions they can plan and execute to help and support endangered populations both locally, and abroad. Long story short, they need to attract and retain donors for the years to come.

That means reaching out to the younger generations i.e. future donors.

Now, one of the main challenges the organization faces today is to promote their actions to younger audiences to motivate future donations.

“If younger generations are more engaged than their parents, they don’t get involved in the same way. Our mission is to identify and understand these new means of action to appeal to them, gain their trust and motivate future donations.”

Nicolas Danicourt
Digital Manager

Social listening helps Nicolas and his team of three (3) to get clear and usable data as to how younger audiences consume content on social media:
  • Which social platforms do they use?
  • What content and campaigns perform best?
  • Which influencers do they follow?

Identifying influencers and influential publications is another key mission for Nicolas and his team. Influencers considerably extend the organization’s reach.

“We worked with Orelsan, a controversial french singer, on a powerful campaign #ONSENFOUT (#WEDONTCARE) to promote the controversial causes we defend and fight for every day. Such campaigns considerably help us to increase donations and, therefore, increase our means of action to help endangered populations.”

Nicolas Danicourt
Digital Manager

Ensure equity in mediatic cover for the organization’s key fights

Doctors of the World defends five (5) humanitarian causes around the world.
  • Conflict & Crisis
  • Harm Reduction
  • Sexual & Reproductive Health
  • Migrants & displaced persons
  • Health and environment

The organization considers that all those fights are equally important and do not wish to put forward a mission more than the others. Today, they use Mention to measure their own communication and ensure that they give as much importance to each of these causes.

“We created tags with Mention to track our different activities. The donations we receive are equally invested in defending the 5 causes we defend. Mention helps us to make sure that our communication fairly reflects those investments.”

Nicolas Danicourt
Digital Manager

Protect the organization’s reputation

The world can be a very dangerous place, especially in the spaces the organization intervenes in.

Doctors of the World works with thousands of doctors, nurses, and reporters around the world. Part of their mission is to ensure their safety. To do this, they listen to everything that’s happening in the regions they’re implanted to identify all potential threats against their people and organization as a whole:
  • They monitor sentiment and quickly forward any relevant information to the dispatched teams.
  • They pay attention to which media is talking about them and how it affects their perception.
  • They listen to the influencers talking about them and identify endorsements they should leverage on the one hand, and those they should keep their distances with on the other.

What’s more, the last thing that the organization wants is for the public to think that we don’t care for our employees and volunteer.

Now, the risk zero doesn’t exist, especially in the world’s most politically unstable regions. If something happens to someone working on the behalf of the organization, Nicolas and his team can rely on Mention to identify breaking news in the local press and jump on it to control the information to protect both the volunteers and the organization’s integrity.

Social listening as an extra shield for the organization

Because the organization is helping and defending stigmatized populations, it is exposed to a lot of criticism and threats from activists and extremist groups.

On many occasions, Mention helps Doctors of the World to protect themselves from external, physical threats. They use it to identify hate comments and potential calls for hateful gatherings from social media.

“If we notice a serious threat, we notify our security department to make sure that our people are protected and thus prevent the situation from escalating.”

Nicolas Danicourt
Digital Manager

Reports to measure performance and progress

Ultimately, marketing and communication professionals working for NGOs also need to justify the extent of their actions. To do this, they need to report on what they do.

Today, Nicolas uses Mention to schedule weekly, quarterly and yearly reports to effectively track the overall impact of his team’s work and track:
  • How many mentions the organization received, how it evolves over time, and where it happens.
  • How many impressions they receive - meaning how many people saw their content.
  • How many likes, comments and shares they triggered.
  • The posts and campaigns that perform the most.
  • How many followers they gained.

This type of information helps the organization to adapt the types of content and messages they send out to trigger engagement and, ultimately, turn followers and web visitors into long-term donors.

Say, why work with Mention?

There are four reasons why Doctors of the World decided to work with Mention.
  • The tool meets the organization’s current needs.
  • It’s not overly priced.
  • They feel supported by their account manager.
  • “We share the same values”.

“Not only Mention helps us to better at what we do, but they are a cultural fit too. We’re trying to work with ethical partners. We decided to proceed with Mention because they believe in our fights and really try to help us.”

Nicolas Danicourt
Digital Manager

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