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Hunter is an indispensable tool for professionals across various domains, offering a comprehensive suite of features tailored to streamline email outreach efforts. Its primary function lies in extracting email addresses associated with a particular domain, empowering users with valuable contact information for targeted communication.

Beyond its core functionality, Hunter boasts advanced capabilities such as email verification, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of acquired data. Its seamless integration with popular platforms enhances workflow efficiency, making it a go-to resource for marketers, recruiters, and sales teams aiming to optimize their outreach strategies with precision and effectiveness. Whether identifying potential leads, verifying contacts, or enhancing campaign management, Hunter stands as a reliable ally in navigating the intricate landscape of modern digital communication.



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Efficient Backlink Building For the Win

Being a well-established brand, the word “Hunter” frequently appears across social media platforms, and various channels including blogs, articles, and web sources. With a strong emphasis on SEO, Hunter’s strategy heavily relies on link building. Their primary objective of using a social listening platform was to spot relevant online mentions and convert them into valuable backlinks.

Implementing Mention's platform revolutionized their approach to backlink building by leveraging the automated mention identification process. Since they have joined the platform, they have secured over 200 high-quality and relevant backlinks that would have otherwise remained untapped. This influx of backlinks has not only bolstered their SEO performance, but has also significantly enhanced their brand awareness and credibility. As a result, Hunter has witnessed a noticeable uptick in website traffic and conversions, validating the effectiveness of Mention in optimizing their business strategy.
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A 360-Tool That Truly Does It All

At first, the search for the most comprehensive social listening tool led Hunter to thoroughly evaluate various options, including Mention, Ahrefs, and Determ. It was Mention’s robust capabilities and user-friendly interface that truly stood out. Through in-depth research, discussions with Mention's support team, and careful consideration of their specific requirements, Hunter determined that Mention was the ideal solution for their needs.

Once joining the platform, they found that the user-friendly interface made setting up custom alerts straightforward. However, when setting up their first alert the team encountered an issue with the alert settings due to a minor oversight in their brand name. Instead of setting alerts for ‘’ they used just the word ‘Hunter’ which resulted in an influx of irrelevant mentions and reaching their quota within minutes. Luckily, they were able to reach out to the Mention support team, who promptly resolved the issue by adding more credits and guiding the Hunter team through correct alert configuration. This prompt service helped secure their trust in Mention as an invaluable tool for reputation management efforts.

"As Hunter is an established brand, bloggers and other companies often mention us in their blogs. After reviewing some of these mentions, we've noticed that not all websites provide a backlink when they mention us. This is where Mention becomes invaluable. It automates the detection of these mentions, which we then use for personalized outreach efforts to convert unlinked mentions into valuable backlinks. This strategy helps us grow our brand and increase our organic traffic."

Antonio Gabric
Outreach Manager @ employees team

A Simplified Workflow For Efficiency

The use of Mention’s influence score feature has been a game-changer for Hunter’s link-building efforts. The accuracy of the feature in excluding low-quality websites from reports has not only been a time saver with the validation process, but has also significantly enhanced their ability to secure links from relevant and high-authority websites.

As link builders, identifying and leveraging opportunities from reputable sources is paramount to Hunter’s success and the influence score has exceeded their expectations in this regard. It has also led to tangible results, including increased brand visibility, enhanced partnerships, and a stronger online presence, ultimately positioning Hunter for sustained growth and success in the competitive digital landscape.

"Since joining Hunter in 2016, Mention has been my indispensable tool for tracking mentions across the web, enabling me to effectively connect with blog post authors and forge meaningful relationships."

Giovanni Lepor
Head of Customer Success @ alternative logo

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