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How Produit en Bretagne modernize its Brand Reputation Management with Mention

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Produit en Bretagne is a network of companies that promotes the know-how of Breton companies and their products. With more than 500 member companies, 110,000 employees, and 4,000 products bearing the “Produit en Bretagne” label, the association works to responsibly support the economic and cultural dynamics of employment in Brittany.




Brest, France



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Professional Networks: Between High Points and Continuous Threads

Professional networks have a unique characteristic: they must properly promote their members' products and activities. This promotion is an ongoing activity, punctuated by events that often receive extensive media coverage in the local and national press, as well as on social media.

“Mention allows us to monitor our brand's reputation daily and across all media, while giving us the possibility to focus on specific aspects of our communication and promotion efforts, especially showcasing Breton savoir-faire.” Anne-Sophie Madec, Marketing Project Manager @Produit En Bretagne

Since 2013, Produit en Bretagne has turned to Mention to address a particular challenge: how to modernize brand reputation monitoring to get a comprehensive view of their campaign impact.

“Before Mention, we used traditional tools to monitor the results of our press campaigns. But soon we wanted to extend our analysis, especially on social media. A member of our network recommended Mention, and they have been supporting us for 7 years with this” Anne-Sophie Madec, Marketing Project Manager @Produit En Bretagne

Beyond providing a comprehensive view, Mention is also a fantastic efficiency booster for the Produit en Bretagne teams.
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Mention Reports: Boosting Efficiency and Time Management

When asked about the platform’s most useful feature, Anne-Sophie pointed to the Reports. Indeed, while Produit en Bretagne monitors brand mentions daily, the company appreciates having an overall view, especially when it comes to informing management.

Produit en Bretagne is a brand name with a high propensity to generate noise, setting up alerts on our tool was a crucial step in meeting the client’s needs.

“We benefited from the support of our Account Manager to create our first alert. Now we have the knowledge to be independent, but initially, it was great to get started.”
Anne-Sophie Madec, Marketing Project Manager @Produit En Bretagne

“Every month, we need to inform our Board of Directors about the latest brand impacts. Mention has allowed me to automate these reports and break down information by source. The most convenient part for me: being able to automate it to avoid revisiting it every month!”

Anne-Sophie Madec
Marketing Project Manager @Produit En Bretagne
Anne-Sophie Madec
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Mention at the Service of Network Members

The processes implemented by the Produit en Bretagne marketing team quickly bore fruit, even extending to network members. Indeed, it's not uncommon for Anne-Sophie to be consulted on how she organizes brand reputation monitoring.

“Network members ask me for advice on how to monitor their brand. I often recommend they reach out to the Mention teams to equip themselves with a tool that facilitates this task.”

Anne-Sophie Madec
Marketing Project Manager @Produit En Bretagne
Anne-Sophie Madec

And so the circle was complete! Mention’s services were recommended to Anne-Sophie 7 years ago, and now she recommends it to her peers. A big thank you to the Produit en Bretagne teams for their renewed trust year after year -and as we say in Brittany - Kenavo
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