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How StrataScratch uses Mention to optimize customer service management

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Continuous service improvement: a pillar for SaaS development

Developing a SaaS business is the Holy Grail of all entrepreneurs! It's no easy task, given the technological and behavioral changes that have taken place over the last few years. From the arrival of AI to the multiplication of touchpoints with customers, you need to keep your eye on your market to propose a relevant offer. StrataScratch understands this challenge, and heavily relies on Mention to meet it. Let's take a closer look at how StrataScracth uses Mention.
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Eyes everywhere, real-time data: the cocktail for success

One of the challenges for both StrataScratch and our customers is to gain global visibility of our market and the brand's place in it. Thanks to Mention, StrataScratch was able to access one billion web sources in real-time, offering the ability to spot and answer everything that was said about the topic of interest, as well as jumping directly into the conversation.

“I want to stay updated on my competitors to grasp the latest developments, track new features they're rolling out, and gauge public feedback. This allows me to pinpoint areas where my product can improve and discern how to set my service apart from theirs“
Nathanael Rosidi, CEO @ StrataScratch

In concrete terms, with the help of Mention, StrataScratch was able to discover a market segment and develop a relevant offer to meet their needs.

“Our platform was designed for data scientists. Thanks to Mention, I was able to identify that there was a lot of demand for other data professions such as Machine Learning Engineering, Data Engineering, and Business Analytics, adjust my personas, and develop an offering for them.“
Nathanael Rosidi, CEO @ StrataScratch

StrataScratch has developed a surprising use for Mention, making our tool its main weapon for identifying customer requests.

“Mention is a crucial tool for shaping our offerings and pricing. Frankly, I consider it indispensable for running my business.”

Nathanael Rosidi
CEO @ StrataScratch
CEO StrataScratch
StrataScratch HP

Mention, THE secret weapon of efficient and responsive customer support

Nathanael is one of those CEOs who is obsessed with the customer experience. While the intention is laudable, achieving excellence in this area is often hard to put into practice. But not for StrataScratch!

“It's part of our DNA to identify the improvements our customers want to see. With Mention, what was surprising was our ability to bubble up user feedback, user complaints, and customer support requests that went through unofficial channels. We were able to directly connect with these users and handle their issues in a timely manner. We didn’t think of using Mention as a customer support mechanism, but it has turned out to be a great way of monitoring customer feedback and issues that would otherwise not have been addressed by us” Nathanael Rosidi, CEO @ StrataScratch

More concretely, StrataScratch was able to conduct research on a sensitive subject for SaaS: pricing.

"I noticed some Reddit conversations about our pricing. With the tech market bursting in 2023, having a good price positioning was one of the keys to survival. Thanks to Mention, I was able to start a conversation with these customers and get all the feedback to guide my thinking on the pricing overhaul." Nathanael Rosidi, CEO @ StrataScratch

When we asked Nathanael why he chose Mention as part of his customer support strategy, it didn't take long for the answer to reach our ears:

"I wondered whether I didn't need to recruit someone to look after my company's online intelligence. I have so much confidence in Mention, and the tool makes my job so much easier, that I quickly came to the conclusion that I wouldn't find a solution with better value for money. A part-time resource would have cost me at least $2,000 a month ."

Nathanael Rosidi
CEO @ StrataScratch
CEO StrataScratch

Mention, the best value for money

Before becoming a true Mention aficionado, Nathanael took the time to survey the market to see which tool best met his needs.

"I'm involved in a lot of communities on Reddit and IndieHackers. Mention was mentioned as a trusted tool. For reasons of conscience, I challenged this tool with Sprinklr. But the solution is more geared towards large accounts, and the pricing wasn't suited to my start-up." Nathanael Rosidi, CEO @ StrataScratch

And two years on, StrataScratch remains fully satisfied with our services.

"As someone who works in data, I can only praise the quality of the data and the speed with which you access it. I sometimes check mentions out of curiosity: the time it takes to retrieve them is really impressive".

Nathanael Rosidi
CEO @ StrataScratch
CEO StrataScratch
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