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How UFC-Que Choisir uses Mention to monitor the impact of its press releases

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UFC-Que Choisir lobbies public authorities, national and European parliamentarians, and regulatory bodies to move towards a more responsible consumer society, accessible to all.




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The Press Release: UFC-Que Choisir's Preferred Lever

As a consumer protection association, UFC-Que Choisir must make its work visible to its audience at all costs. To this end, UFC-Que Choisir publishes an average of a couple press releases per week on topics it deems important for consumers. But how can they be sure this strategy is the right one? What are the criteria for assessing its success, and how does Mention enable the automated tracking of results?
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Mention: The Ideal Tool for Measuring Press Coverage

Producing press releases is a subtle art that involves finding topics and angles interesting enough for the media to cover. To ensure that the objective is met, Lauren relies on Mention.

When asked about her favorite Mention features for conducting her analyses, Lauren's response is swift:

"I log in at least once a day to my news feed to see the daily trend. I also heavily use the QuickChart graph editor to aggregate all the mentions from a press campaign and pass them on to my management. I also use all the reports to track the evolution of sentiment, reach, and influence of the outlets covering my press release..."
Lauren Nelson, Executive Assistant

What surprised us the most is how Lauren can determine if a campaign is successful by using the Influence Score of the media outlets covering the press release.

"We have a very simple method to know if our work has had the desired impact. For each media outlet that covers us, Mention provides the Influence Score. We then calculate the average Influence Score, and if it is above 30%, it means the press release was covered by the right media."
Lauren Nelson, Executive Assistant

UFC-Que Choisir doesn't plan to stop there, and intends to further analyze its campaigns through Social Listening.

"Clearly, if I had to manually track all the press coverage, it would be a nightmare. Thanks to Mention, I can easily see if our press release has piqued the media's interest. I usually run a coverage analysis on day four and then at the end of the campaign."

Lauren Nelson
Executive Assistant @UFC-Que choisir
Lauren Nelson
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Press Relations and Social Listening

Traditionally, the impact of press campaigns is measured by the volume of media coverage. However, the rise of social networks over the past decade has somewhat changed the game.

"Our community is very active on Facebook, Instagram, and X, where we see more and more so-called 'influential' profiles emerging. We are currently considering how to incorporate this new perspective into the overall performance analysis of our press releases, and we already know that Mention will help us achieve this."

Lauren Nelson
Executive Assistant @UFC-Que Choisir
Lauren Nelson

So if you too are wondering how to manage the performance of your press campaigns, don't hesitate to start a free trial or book a demo with one of our experts by clicking the button below:
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