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How WPX Hosting uses Mention to track their CEO reputation

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WPX is a Premium WordPress and WooCommerce hosting company. Thanks to their own proprietary technologies, they offer ultrafast loading speeds for all their clients' websites in any part of the world. High quality support is also a hallmark of WPX's service with sub-30 second average response time on live chat as reflected in their 3,000+ 5-star reviews on Trustpilot.




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Mention: a powerful ally in a competitive market

The market for web hosting solutions is highly competitive, with a host of indelicate players. It's against that backdrop that WPX Hosting has been operating since 2013.

Headed by Terry Kyle and Georgi Petrov CEO Terry Kyle, WPX Hosting is a proponent of customer advocacy and is very concerned about the quality of the services they offer to their clients. Between brand management, crisis management and CEO advocacy, WPX Hosting takes full advantage of Mention to stand out from the crowd and to promote their brand.

"When you invest a decade of hard work to offer the best product to your customers, you don't want everything to be jeopardized by an unscrupulous competitor. Mention helps us identify competitors’ false reviews and other mentions of this kind to preserve our brand reputation."
Terry Kyle, Co-founder @WPX Hosting
Joined Mention

Mention: an indispensable tool for building confidence

Everyone knows that a website is not just a showcase for the services offered, it's also the main entry point of customer acquisition and therefore revenue generation.
Although service outages are extremely rare at WPX, when they do happen, customers are ruthless.

"We had a downtime of a couple hours and a lot of blowback came to me and my employees. I even received death threats! We used Mention to identify all these disgruntled users and responded to each of them within a few days. It's important to us never to leave a conversation unanswered."
Terry Kyle, Co-founder @WPX Hosting

Just like Terry, we're convinced of the need to always respond to our audience, whatever the conditions. Nonetheless, you still need the right tool :

"Mention was an instant match for us. In addition to offering an easy-to-use solution, the pricing is aligned with our needs. Obviously, we looked at other players. But Mention was the best value for money. "

Terry Kyle
Co-founder @WPX Hosting
Terry Kyle
everydogmatters wpx employees

Mention: an essential tool for CEO advocacy

What surprised us most about WPX's use of Mention was that they created an alert to monitor the name of their CEO, Terry Kyle. This alert is not typically necessary for all Mention users, but for WPX, it is an essential part of their social media monitoring strategy. This is because of Terry’s convictions :

"I believe that every customer should have a face to rely on. Because of this competitive and unscrupulous market, we need to be reassuring to our prospects. I felt immediately invested with this mission. That’s why I monitor my own name, to make sure no one discredits me online or questions my commitment." Terry Kyle, Co-founder @WPX Hosting

By being notified of any mention of their CEO, they can quickly and efficiently respond to any potential issues or opportunities related to their brand. When it comes to convictions, Terry speaks from the heart rather than a CEO's hat.

"WPX's vision is not just to make a profit. As an independent company, we have the power to aim for the good of the community. A portion of our revenues is allocated to creating a dog shelter and setting up new rules to enable them to evolve in well-being. That's also why I use Mention, to make sure we never deviate from this vision which is so dear to me".

Terry Kyle
Co-founder @WPX Hosting
Terry Kyle

Has Terry motivated us with his will to fight for the common good? We don’t know yet. What is certain is that companies like WPX hosting are rare, and it's an honor to count them among our customers.

PS: if you're also a pet lover, please feel free to support and discover WPX's dog shelter by visiting everydogmatters.org
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