Pinterest Influencers

Identify Pinterest top users to increase your brand awareness.

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Find the most relevant influencers for your brand

Pinterest has always been hovering just under the surface of nearly every leading social channel. Its influencers generate high conversion numbers, and also drive web traffic for the brands that they choose to promote.

Discover new influencers

Identify influencers easily

Filter your Pinterest mentions by influencer score to prioritize who to engage with.

Find the right ones for you

Find the right ones

Create a list of influencers with their interest, hobbies and activities.

Reach out to them

Reach out to them

Start a conversation with them directly by following or contacting them.

Create trust

Create meaningful relationship

Develop trust with influencers and start collaborating together.

Reach a new community

Develop your brand presence

Increase your Pinterest brand awareness by reaching your influencers' communities.

Organize them in lists

Spot successful content

Monitor important KIP's for each collaboration posts made by influencers.

Identify Pinterest influencers to power your digital strategy

Boost your presence by working with the right Pinterest influencers to promote your brand in their content.

Identify influencers

Pull a list of Pinterest influencers that share the same values and synergies than your brand. View their key information and activity at a glance.

Reach new people

A Post mentioning your brand from the right influencer can increase your brand awareness. Find the best one to promote your brand.

Generate more business

The relationship that influencers have with their followers allows them to easily recommend a brand or a product — it's time for your brand to stand out.

Earn trust quickly

Pinterest influencers are well-known and established in their communities. Collaborating with them helps you build credibility and trust with a new audience.

Find influential users that are right for you

To get the most of Pinterest and its influencers you need to track the right data. Mention helps you identify the best ones for your brand in different ways.

See which users are influential

Easily filter mentions by influencer score to find the most influential people talking about your brand or specific keywords you monitor.

View the posts in detail

Mention shows you the entire Pinterest posts. Have a closer look to what influencers are sharing and creating.

Monitor important KPI's

Make sure their content reach the great audience by monitoring KPI's such as Volume, Sentiment, Language, Topics, etc.

Companies finding influencers with Mention

Check out some brands that use monitoring to spot the right influencers for them.