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How 1 Second Everyday Triumphs With Mention

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About Company

1 Second Everyday is an app that prompts you to take one-second videos everyday. These are stitched together into one coherent video.




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Market demographics

1 Second Everyday monitor their app’s popularity on social media. Mention showed a spike in popularity among South Korean Instagram users. They quickly translated their ads to Korean, to target this new market. They would never have known about their Korean market without Mention’s analytics. “We can’t explain that crazy spike.”

These insights helped the company focus attention on the right markets.

Influencer Marketing

1 Second Everyday are always looking for advocates to help grow their brand.

“Mention does a great job at breaking down the top advocates. We’ll say ‘this guy has an 85 influencer score, let’s engage him.”

Thanks to Mention’s influencer scores, they can react quickly whenever key journalists and bloggers write about them.

“We’ve been able to enhance our marketing strategy thanks to Mention.”

Schöneck Shoaf
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Mention & 1 Second Everyday

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