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Our dedicated support team makes using Mention easy for agencies and their clients

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Before set-up

We talk with you and your clients to identify your key priorities

During set-up

Learn how to get Mention working perfectly for you - or we'll do it.

After set-up

Touch base whenever you need with any issue, big or small

Personal set-up assistance

Mention is designed to be easy to set up. But when you have different clients with different goals, you still may want some help. Good news! You get as much onboarding assistance as you need - for free. Your account manager works with you every step of the way, long after you've signed up.

One-to-one coaching

Whether you're new to media monitoring or you've done it for years, it still pays to talk it through with an expert. Our specialized coaches are here how to help you deliver the results your clients expect.And while other monitoring companies charge for training or give users a quota, we never do. You get all the help you need, any time during your contract.

Automated reports

Reporting is a big deal for agencies. You spend a lot of time creating personalized reports for clients, and some of them never read them !Your account manager will show you how to create unique reports for each client which are sent automatically. Just set, and forget. You have more important things to do, so stop wasting time.

Learn more about Mention's automated reports

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Our services are included

Other companies charge you for support time, technical assistance, and unexpected extras. We don't. All of our resources, support, and expertise come free of charge. You pay for what you need, with no nasty surprises.

Worldwide support

Mention services agencies in Europe, North and South America, Australia, Africa, and plenty more. Our team is easy to contact and ready to help with any issue you might have. Best of all, you have your own account manager who knows your needs personally. No need to use a support inbox - you call Adriana, Duncan, Emeline, or Julien directly.


In-app chat lets you solve small problems in seconds.


Reach your account manager any time, from anywhere.


Talk to your account manager directly when you need them.

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