Move from Google Alerts to Mention in just a few seconds

Google Alerts isn’t reliable for tracking your brand anymore. Move your alerts to Mention to monitor in real time instead.

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Transition from Google Alerts takes only a few seconds

1. Sync your Gmail account

Click on the button below and allow the application to find your Google Alerts through your alerts notification emails.

2. Select the alerts to transfer

Choose which alerts you would like to transfer to Mention, and click on 'Create'.

3. Create a Mention account or sign in

Create a Mention account or log in if you already have one. We integrate all your Google Alerts in the dashboard.

We haven't find anything. Are you sure to use the right Gmail account?

Congratulations, now choose your alerts!

Simply select the Google Alerts you want to move into your Mention account.

Here's a list of the alerts we found on your account :

You will be redirected. Create (or log into) your account.

Mention is the perfect alternative to Google Alerts

Mention gives you media monitoring with power. Here's what's possible with our platform:

Discover real media monitoring

Google Alerts isn’t reliable anymore, and has hardly changed since its launch in 2003. Why use such an out-of-date tool, especially in a field that moves so fast? You need a reliable and trustworthy tool, or you won’t find all the mentions you’re looking for.
Learn how Mention’s media monitoring finds all the information you need.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts

Billion of sources monitored

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Create an archive for old mentions

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Intelligent spam filtering algorithm

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Visualize conversations with topic clouds

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Customize and export reports

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Sentiment Analysis

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Universal Influencers Score

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Searches other than google

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Team collaboration features

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ios/android apps available

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Rockstar customer support

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