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Mention’s real-time API gives you social media and web
crawling without building anything yourself.

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The Only Media Monitoring API You’ll Need
Mention provides an easy-to-use source of social media and web
monitoring data. Our API makes it simple to.
Build your own monitoring tool
Creating a comprehensive web and social media crawler is hard work. Use ours instead, and monitor more than 1 billion sources every day.
Add new features to your product
Already have a successful app or website? Supercharge your tool with monitoring data without building a crawler from scratch.
Add more data to your reports
Plug monitoring data directly into your own Excel reports or dashboard tool, so you can add vital social listening information.
Make Mention’s technology your own
You need more power or more flexibility using the same data?
Here's how our API can help you reach your goals.
Receive live monitoring data in real time
Whether you want to see raw volume of social conversations, or specific mentions of your brand name and keywords, our streaming API does it.
Filter your results
Process all this information and find the data that’s relevant to you.
Add new monitoring data to your other tools
Add your social media and web listening results to your reports, CRM, or your live site.
Are you a developer? Read our API documentation
One web and social monitoring API to rule them all
Still wondering why you should use our service? Here are a few
reasons why Mention has the best monitoring API.
Get monitoring data from all sources
Mention’s API shows you when your keywords are used on websites, forums, blogs, the news, and social media.
Focus on social media
You’ll get mentions from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. See what’s said everywhere from one data source.
Track raw volume, or look for specifics
If you want to compare the volume of conversations around Apple or Orange, you can. And if you see every comment about them online, you can do that too.
All of this in real time
We use a streaming API, so you’ll receive mentions as soon as they happen online.

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