All Mention's power in one REST API

For many customers, Mention's their secret sauce. Thanks to our API, you can supercharge your monitoring power.

Make Mention’s technology your own

You need more power or more flexibility using the same data? Here's how our API can help you reach your goals.

Build your own monitoring tool

Want Mention's power outside of Mention? Use our API to build your own monitoring tool. We handle the rest.

Powerful monitoring dashboards

Use our API to get all the PR data and create awesome dashboards for yourself or a client.

Add features to your product

Have an app of your own? You can use our firepower and offer a new monitoring feature to your users.

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One web and social monitoring API to rule them all

Still wondering why you should use our service? Here are a few reasons why Mention has the best monitoring API.

Gain monitoring insights from 30 endpoints

Creating alerts, getting your mentions, sharing them, or even deleting them - the opportunities are endless. And it all happens in milliseconds.

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Used by awesome companies

Mention's API is flexible enough to fit in every infrastructure. We have all kind of clients with very different needs, and we help them all.

Supported by our engineers.

Any trouble, questions or suggestions? We have our ears on Stackoverflow. Just post a thread using #mentionapp and our enginners will get back to you.