‘Listen before you post’ Mention launches Publish feature for smarter social media management

‘Listen before you post’ Mention launches Publish feature for smarter social media management

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NEW YORK, NY., June 18, 2019 — Marketers and communicators need a solution that encompasses a smarter approach to listening and publishing on social media. Mention, the leading social media listening and web monitoring platform introduces its newest feature Publish, which will allow users to schedule and publish posts directly from their social channels. With this move, the platform transforms itself from a media monitoring solution to new all-in-one social media marketing suite for users.

Leading social media listening and web monitoring platform, Mention introduces its newest feature Publish, which will now allow users to schedule and publish posts directly from their social channels, making the platform a new all-in-one solution for users.

Mention’s latest Instagram Engagement Report concluded that adopting an insights-driven approach to social media will equip businesses and brands to keep up with the shifts in the industry, that make it increasingly difficult for branded content to stand out. Publish will allow digital communicators to make use of social and web monitoring insights already available in the platform, such as sentiment, trending topics, demographics and geo-location to create more informed content decisions, before posting on social media.

Social listening plays a major role in social media publishing

“This was a natural direction for our product, as our customers have been asking for this for a while. Mention wanted to ensure our product evolves with the industry and the workflow of companies’ marketing and communications teams.” – Cyril Codron, Head of Product, Mention

“Social listening is imperative in order to develop an effective publishing strategy. Brands should be listening to conversations online about their brand, industry or competitors in order to make smarter marketing messages and content decisions.: – Joël Gaudeul, Chief Marketing Officer, Mention

“In fact, one of our current clients KIIROO has been listening attentively to conversations online to better navigate their branded content through the complex ecosystem of sex-technology. KIIROO’s marketing team is communicating online about the importance of sexual health to normalize the stigma around sex technology, and Mention has played a key role in their communications strategy”, continues Joël.

“Using a social media marketing platform helps us better understand what is being said and how people are talking about our industry in general. This crucial step of listening, greatly informs how we respond, relate and create a connection with our consumers on social media.” – Ashton Egner, Communications Manager, KIIROO

Publish feature capabilities:

  • Editorial calendar; daily, weekly and monthly overview
  • Post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Social media scheduling and preview posts
  • Upload videos and images to posts
  • Compatible tagging and emojis


Mention’s latest feature Publish is available for Solo, Starter and Enterprise plans, with the ability to integrate an unlimited number of social accounts. Free plans include one social media platform to be integrated to start publishing (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter). Click here for more information on pricing for Mention plans.

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Meghan Ducille

Meghan is the Global PR Manager @Mention.

Global PR Mananger @Mention