A community manager is a Jack or Jill of all trades, and a master of many. Being an effective community manager requires just the right mix of empathy, listening skills, understanding of human behavior, analytical mindset, ability to multi-task, addiction to caffeine, and a really powerful tool (or two).

Of course, our Community Manager, Alex, and I have been using Mention to manage our community, but we were happy to learn how others are using it to monitor and join important conversations in order to build the relationships that matter most to them and their community.

Here’s how you can use Mention for managing (and building) your community:

Monitor community conversations in real-time

Set up an alert in Mention for your brand name to keep a pulse on any and all conversations happening about your company across social and the web, whether or not your community members are speaking directly to you. This is an opportunity to discover which of your community members may be potential brand advocates. You could have people out there singing your praises without ever knowing it.

On the flip side, it also presents an opportunity to turn a less-than-positive opinion around. Check out how General Assembly was able to do this.

To set up an alert, simply click “Create new alert” and fill out your keywords: 

community manager

Identify influencers & uncover industry trends

Monitor important keywords to stay in the know about any industry trends and hot topics among your community. Keywords can be general terms related to your community’s interests. At Mention, for example, we monitor “content strategy,” “social media strategy,” “social media tools,” and “social listening,” among others in order to keep track of who’s talking about the topics that matter most to our brand and community, and what’s being said.

With these keywords, you can identify who’s leading these conversations and who’s mentioned the most within a certain context. You can also use the Favorite feature to collect noteworthy mentions you know you’ll want to go back to (perhaps to show your company the ROI of community), or to keep track of your community members with the highest engagement.

community manager

Check out our Topics feature (in Statistics & Exports) to see which keywords are being used in conjunction with your brand name.

community manager
The terms most strongly associated with Mention

Keywords can also be hashtags related to your community — perhaps you host a Twitter chat or there’s a hashtag your community uses to share helpful pieces of content, such as #cmgr or #contentchat. (Pro tip: you don’t have to use the # when setting up your alerts in Mention).

Creating a Storify for a Twitter chat? Use Mention to collect your tweets in an organized fashion. Rob Long from Workable says, “Unlike on Twitter, tweets on Mention don’t have a shelf-life and are easier to search. It’s all right there in the timeline you need them. I just copy the link from Mention and paste into Storify.”

Discover where your community hangs out

With Mention, you can uncover where your potential and current community members are having important conversations with each other and where you should be present, whether it’s on Twitter, Facebook (public posts only), forums such as Quora, or via comments on blog and news sites.

You can also tap into new content ideas by checking out conversations around your content or content from your competitors and partners, or what questions your community is asking on forums, for example.

Join the conversation

Listening is perhaps the most important task of a community manager, but letting your community know that you’re there for them is going to increase community engagement.

With Mention, you can connect your social accounts to respond directly from the platform. Perhaps a community member is in a different time zone, we have a Buffer integration, allowing you to schedule your response for a later time. This also comes in handy if you’re proactively reaching out to community members, but maybe don’t want multiple conversations happening at once.

Go to: Your Alert -> Social Accounts -> Add New Social Account -> Select preferred social channel 

community manager

Respond to these conversations from Mention just as you would on Twitter.

Click on any mention -> Select “reply” on right side of the screen

community manager

Wrapping it up

Of course a community manager’s responsibilities reach far beyond monitoring and responding to conversations. It’s about finding new and different ways to bring your community together to provide the most value possible. It’s about building lasting relationships with and among them. We hope that Mention can be a helpful tool for getting and keeping these conversations going.

Have questions? Please leave them in the comments below or shoot me an email at shannon@mention.com.

Shannon Byrne is the Content & PR Manager at Mention where she crafts words, creates strategies, and recruits loyal advocates. She’s based in New York. Get in touch with her at @ShannnonB.

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