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Mention enables brands and agencies to monitor the web, listen to their audience and manage social media.

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Pin-point important conversations. Easily monitor over 1 billion sources daily including social media, reviews site, forums, blogs, and the rest of the web.


Get in-depth brand intelligence tailored to your marketing goals. Visualize data based on your most important KPIs and discover relevant insights to inform business decisions.


Automated reports make it simple to share results with clients, colleagues, and management, so you can focus on more important work.

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Amplify your brand awareness to grow your business

Listen to what people are saying online before planning your social media content. Engage your audience in a relevant way to grow your brand.

+750,000 marketers are growing their brand online with Mention

Empowering social & web listening

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How to Use Social Data to Uncover Insights About Your Brand

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