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Experiment With Style: 5 Great Formats for Your Video Marketing Strategy

Experiment With Style: 5 Great Formats for Your Video Marketing Strategy

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There are many marketing channels around the web. And while most of them will be successful in meeting your business objectives, there’s probably no better option than video marketing.
In fact, 52% of marketing professionals choose video as the content format with the best ROI (return on investment) – over photos, interactive media, infographics, and ebooks.
Marketing videos allow you to tell stories in a super fun and engaging way. They also allow you to explain any kind of product or service in just a few minutes and take advantage of all of the benefits of powerful visual language.
Besides, they’re also one of the most easily shareable types of online content!
The thing is, not all videos are created equal, and not every video marketing style will suit your marketing strategy.
Let’s suppose you need to build brand trust, so you contact a cool explainer video company to do so. Would you ask for a screencast video to display all of your product features, or an “about us” video to show your potential customers exactly how the team works? Or maybe a fun animated explainer video to entertain them as well as convince them?
Let me clear your head by showing you some of the most popular video styles businesses are using in their video marketing strategies, and when it’s best to use them in order to suit different business objectives.

5 ways to style your video marketing strategy

1. Whiteboard videos

You’ve surely seen a few whiteboard videos around the web, probably on landing pages and social media channels. To describe them simply, they’re black-and-white drawings that come to life as they’re being sketched on a whiteboard by a human hand, usually narrated by a voice over.
This style of video is perfect to simplify complex ideas, so they’re a great tactic when making explainer videos or educational videos.
As former or current students, we link whiteboards directly to school and education. So every time a whiteboard appears in front of our eyes, we prime our minds to receive a lesson.
This educational nature is one of whiteboard videos’ greatest assets. In front of a whiteboard, people pay attention from scratch, allowing you to explain even the most abstract concepts in an easy and engaging way. And if you include some cartoon animations, they can be super fun too!
To add some pop, some colored key elements in the otherwise-black-and-white video (such as your logo or brand colors) is perfect to highlight your company and create striking brand awareness.
Here’s a cool whiteboard video made for Spigit:

2. Live action

For some situations, you need to really make your potential customers trust your company. And there’s nothing better than a live action video for that.
This video style shows real people talking about your product or service and gives a personal look at your company.
Live action videos are also natural sales boosters, because they expose the true face of your brand. This kind of disclosure can become the last push in making your leads buy what you’re selling.
This Dollar Shave Club ad is one of the coolest live action videos around. It’s fun, catchy, and compelling:

But live action videos aren’t always fictional productions.
Instead, you can make an “about us” video to present your customers with your team’s daily work and show them how the human factor plays a major role in your company.
Trust is one of marketing’s most precious goals. “About us” videos give you the chance to reveal a first-hand voice of your company, and there’s hardly anything more trustworthy than that.
Here’s a neat about us video made by the folks at HubSpot:

Testimonials are another great option. These videos allow you to showcase your customers’ opinions about your product or service. Straightforward recorded feedback turns your customers into brand ambassadors that speak for your company and build trust on your behalf.
Wistia gives some useful tips and advice to get started with testimonials. But depending on your budget, it’s always a wise decision to go for a professional video production company.

3. Cartoon videos

Perhaps you need to strengthen your brand identity and engage potential customers at the same time. There’s a video marketing strategy for that. Cartoon videos can do both, and are quite effective at doing so.
Cartoon videos don’t just promote a product or service but also tell an entertaining story that catches the eye and grabs all kinds of audiences. Besides, being highly customizable, they have the perfect pitch every time.
They’re the ideal format for creative minds, because there are no limits on what you can display with these animated videos: you can tell a short story with lively characters or create a whole world from scratch.
Full customization is certainly one of their greatest advantages. Cartoon videos can be tailored to fit your brand and your target audience, creating a real custom-fit experience for your potential customers. You can include your own colors, logo, and cartoon characters.
Using a professional video production company is essential in order to make a quality cartoon video. Bear in mind that this video will stand for your brand, and nothing beats a great first impression.
Here’s a cool cartoon video made for Gigtown:

4. Motion graphics

Among video marketing styles, there’s one in particular that helps you explain the most complex or abstract concepts and ideas in a sophisticated fashion: motion graphics.
This video style sets graphic design into motion, allowing you to communicate abstract ideas or features with shapes, colors and animations. These videos are also a super effective tool to increase leads and conversion rates, because they’re solid and fancy but still catchy and memorable.
Motion graphic videos are perfect to explain how a new app or software works. They’re popular to showcase companies’ numbers, statistics, and metrics in a cool way. You can also blend motion graphics with cartoon animation to give your marketing video a fun and lively approach.
Here’s a neat motion graphics video that easily explains how the Picniic app works in just a few minutes:

Motion graphics, as well as whiteboard and cartoon videos, fit under the category of explainer videos, basically because they’re used to explain how a product or service works in two minutes or less.
The great thing about explainer videos is that they boost conversion rates by 20% on average. So if you’re looking for your website or landing page visitors to take action, you can’t be wrong with any of these options.

5. Screencast videos

This is one of the least expensive – but no less effective – marketing video styles around. Screencast videos allow you to showcase your product or service features by just shooting your laptop screen.
Due to their tutorial-oriented nature, and because they’re usually longer than most marketing videos, screencasts are great to catch hesitant users during their purchase decision. They’re not as effective on new visitors that aren’t even considering buying your product or service yet, though.
Here’s a nice screencast example, produced to explain the Google Allo app in detail:

Style your strategy

In the end, whatever your video marketing strategy, no one knows your product or service better than you. So no one can lead and measure your marketing objectives as well as you can.
Take these tips as a brief and useful guide to guide you when choosing your favorite video content to drive business goals.
As an extra treat, this fun animated video will help you get a visual idea about each marketing video style and its most popular uses:

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