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July Product Updates

July Product Updates

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At Mention, we’re always striving to make our product better and easier to use, and we’re not slowing down for the summer!
We have 5 exciting new feature updates to share with you this month.
These include some highly requested features such as Facebook influencer scores, improvements to bulk editing, and the ability to compare up to 10 alerts in reports and Insight Center, just to name a few.
Let’s take a look at the full list of updates.

Facebook influence score

How would you assess the influence of a Facebook page? By the number of followers? By the page’s engagement rate? Nope!
From now on, you’ll be able to see the influence score of the Facebook pages that are mentioning your keywords.
This influence score is a number from 0 to 100, which allows you to compare quickly the influence of pages that are mentioning you on Facebook.
Because it’s hard to engage with everyone who is mentioning you, use this to help you prioritize which pages and influencers to interact with and share content from.

Facebook influencers in reports

Since you can now see the influence score for public Facebook pages, you will now also be able to see Facebook pages in the top influencers modules of your reports.
You can even filter the module by the source: Facebook to see only Facebook pages!
This will help you see in your reports, which influential Facebook pages is mentioning you or interacting with your brand.

Improved bulk editing

Bulk editing allows you to select specific mentions and export them in different formats. Guess what, it just got better.
We’ve released a new design for bulk editing in the feed. What’s more, this re-design comes with a new feature: the ability to export selected mentions in any format.
You’ll now be able select and export multiple mentions much more smoothly and easily!

Choose tags in visualisations

Being able to tag different mentions can make your life much easier.
As you’re now able to set auto-tagging settings, the number of tagged mentions that can be compiled just multiplied!
From the Insights Center and in your reports, you’ll be able to see statistics about your alerts tags.
We’ve also added the ability to select the tags you want to see in the visualisation from the chart options.
Keep in mind that ‘Chart Options ‘ and ‘Filters’ don’t do the same thing. The filters will filter the data shown in the visualisation while the chart option will define the visualisation options only.

Compare up to 10 alerts

Last but not least, now you can compare up to 10 alerts in the Insights Center and in your reports, the more the merrier!
Usually limited to 5 alerts, now you can compare up to 10 alerts whether they are your top 10 competitors, campaigns, or products.

Try the new features today

With so many new features added, there’s no better time like the present to try Mention out for yourself! Click the button below to start.
Try it now!

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Cyril Codron

Guest Blogger @Mention