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7 Great Landing Page Examples (& How to Build Your Own)

7 Great Landing Page Examples (& How to Build Your Own)

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Launching a new marketing campaign? Have you designed your landing page yet? No?

Designing a custom landing page to support your marketing campaign message is crucial. If you don’t have one, all your hard work of strategizing and running your marketing campaign would have been in vain.

But, why do I need a landing page when I already have a stunning homepage?

Think of it this way. Your homepage is like a buffet. It has all the information about your products and services and provides an overview of your entire business to customers.

But when you want to promote a specific product, directing your visitors to the homepage will only distract them. If not redirected to the product they showed interest in, they might click on products or services that they don’t want to buy.

Moreover, a visitor only spends 15 seconds on a new website. So, if you present a buffet of information on the first visit, people might get scared and bounce from your site.

Alternatively, when you share the exact information the visitors are looking for, they might read your entire content and even take action.

Therefore, the average landing page conversion rate across industries is 2.35%, and creating a specific landing pages is a dynamic lead generation strategy.

You simply need to create a stunning landing page conveying the message of your marketing campaign, and you’ll be able to achieve your marketing goals!

But how can I create a lead-driven landing page? Follow this guide and learn how to create a landing page with some awesome examples.

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Why Do You Need a Landing Page?

Before moving ahead, let’s understand why you actually need a separate landing page when you already have a homepage and feature pages on your site.

Having a dedicated landing page can help online businesses in many ways, such as:

Better SEO

You can improve your SEO ROI with a dedicated landing page and target specific keywords related to your marketing campaign. In addition, you can insert backlinks, visuals, and other SEO elements targeting a specific message.

Higher sales

Landing pages are easy to navigate and straight to the point. These pages have clear call-to-action (CTAs) and engaging content. As a result, businesses with more than 30 landing pages have 7 times more sales than businesses with fewer landing pages.

Personalized user experience

Based on your targeted audience, you can personalize your landing pages to drive maximum value.

For instance, when you create an ad campaign for your accounting software targeting B2B customers, you can use testimonials, statistics, and other social proof elements to provide more value to your customers.

Account-based marketing

Do you offer a variety of solutions to different audience bases? In that case, it is impossible to target all of your potential accounts on one page.

You can create short and visually-appealing landing pages targeting different segments.

Comprehensive web pages

In the second quarter of 2022, 58.99% of the global internet traffic came from mobile devices.

global internet traffic

Today, people prefer to use their mobile devices to access websites. As a result, large web pages are not user-friendly anymore.

Nobody likes to scroll endlessly. The more users have to scroll to find information, the greater the chances of them losing interest.

Thus, with custom landing pages, you can create short and to-the-point web pages that users can easily browse on their mobile devices.

How to Create a Dedicated Landing Page

Table of Contents:

Landing pages are lead nurturers.

Your digital ad, email, or social media marketing campaigns only attract users. But it is your landing page that motivates them to take action.

Thus, you should always create your ideal customer persona using your firmographic data. This data can categorize your organization based on geographical location, industry, technologies, and other elements.

This way, you can better understand your customers and other external factors impacting your business. After that, you can follow the steps below to create a dynamic landing page that meets the conversion requirements of each of your marketing campaigns.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

Define your goals

Firstly, define why you are creating a landing page.

Do you want to encourage visitors to make purchases on your site? Do you want to collect visitors’ contact information? Or do you simply want to educate people about your new product or service?

Once you have a clear idea about your goals, you’ll be in a better position to plan and design your landing page.

Imagine you have created a B2B SaaS marketing strategy to acquire email subscribers. In that case, you need to add a contact form, visuals, and a clear CTA on your landing page to compel users to subscribe to your emails.

You can also offer them additional benefits for becoming early subscribers of your newsletter.

Focus on SEO optimization

As you already know, SEO optimization is crucial to ranking your website on your SERP (search engine results pages).

Here, landing page SEO can help track website visitors’ actions and enhance customer experience. For example, you can create a landing page targeting primary and long tail keywords to improve your search engine rankings for those keywords.

Along with including keywords, you can also add relevant internal links. However, simple internal linking and keyword-targeted content are not enough to optimize your landing pages for higher SERP rankings.

Here’s an SEO checklist for landing pages:

  • Ensure you publish landing pages on your domain to drive maximum SEO.
  • Shorten your landing page URLs, with no white spaces and only primary keywords.
  • Attach your landing pages to SSL, as Google’s algorithm boosts rankings for websites with HTTPS prefix.
  • Target one primary keyword on a landing page, along with synonyms and long tail keywords.
  • Optimize your pages for on-page SEO factors, like adding outbound/internal links, meta description, etc.
  • Optimize images, videos, etc.

Enhance visual layout and appearance

Many studies have shown that visuals can hold users’ attention for longer. Moreover, people learn better from attractive visuals than from plain text. Thus, make sure to use relevant images and videos to illustrate the information you are putting out.

This will help you grab users’ attention and improve their chances of retaining information.

To make sure your pages load quickly, remember to keep the image quality low enough that it doesn’t slow down your page, but not too low that it ruins the user experience.

On average, a website’s size is 1.28 MB., and 61.5% of that is allocated to images.

Here are some of the tools that can help you add visuals without affecting the page’s loading speed:

Stay to the point

Don’t overload your pages with information. As we have mentioned above, too much information can distract leads away from your website.

So, use limited content and visuals to drive users’ attention to a particular marketing message. Don’t promote too many products or services on a page. Just focus on the primary product or campaign goal while creating its landing page.

Add attractive lead magnets

Do you want people to leave their email addresses on your website? If you want people to take any kind of action, you first have to give them a reason. And for that, you can use lead magnets.

Lead magnets are the baits that you can throw to attract leads. For example, you can offer downloadable e-books or gated content on your landing page to get a visitor’s email address.

This is a downloadable ebook example on UnboundB2B website:

Install Base Marketing Data

Depending on your goals, you can create various lead magnets like discounts, free consultation calls, rewards, etc.

Add social proof on your landing pages

A Trustpilot study shows that 89% of buyers read online reviews before making a purchase.

Thus, you must add previous customer reviews and testimonials on your landing page to build trust. When visitors see satisfied customer reviews on a landing page, this can motivate them to take action.

However, you shouldn’t simply add reviews as texts, because modern-day customers are smart people and they know you could have easily written them.

You have to authorize your reviews so users can trust them. For example, you can add video testimonials or embed reviews from your LinkedIn profile. This way, visitors can track review givers if they want to verify the authenticity of those reviews.

Besides this, you can use several other ways to add social proof to your landing pages. For example, you can collaborate with influencers, use bots, etc.

7 Excellent Landing Page Examples to Get Inspired From

Are you excited to create a landing page to promote your products and services?

Then, before designing a custom landing page, you should check out how other brands are creating their landing pages. This can give you some fascinating insights and ideas to better optimize your landing page for success.

Here are my top picks for excellent landing page examples that can inspire you to do better:

Table of Contents: is an artificial intelligence-oriented software solution that helps people find email addresses. It is a typical B2B software solution that focuses on providing a better customer experience.

The brand has a simple yet clean landing page design that uses white space and color combos to promote the brand’s message.

Apollo homepage

Main Landing Page Design Highlights

  • Interesting and informative headline
  • Vibrant colors and open space
  • Social proof elements like logos, testimonials, brand partners, etc.
  • Clear call-to-action (CTA)


Another B2B landing page example is ApogeeINVENT. This brand offers business management software to run different business operations smoothly.

Since the product’s nature is complex, the design team opts for simple landing page designs. This helps understand the software better, and ensures visitors don’t feel overwhelmed after exploring the website.

Apogee free demo

Main Landing Page Design Highlights

  • Use of a button color that instantly grabs attention.
  • Added persuasive words like “free,” “book a demo now,” and so on.
  • Clear heading that can explain the product details.
  • Call-to-action phrases and buttons.
  • Lots of white space.
  • Testimonials to add social proof to the landing page.

Made For You

Made For You is an Amazon brand that offers customized t-shirts on order. This apparel brand has used a simple infographic inspired design to create an attention-grabbing and lead-generating landing page.

As you can see, they have used simple colors and videos to optimize their trending page. The best thing about this landing page is the FAQ section.

Adding a FAQ section can help boost SEO ranking, as you can include many keywords in this section. Moreover, users can get all the essential information in one place, rather than moving from one page to another.

Made for you FAQ

Main Landing Page Design Highlights

  • Videos to better explain the marketing message.
  • Clear call-to-action.
  • FAQ section to answer all of the customer queries in one place.
  • Perfect use of white space.
  • Testimonials and reviews.
  • The simple color combination and design flow.


Loomly is the best landing page example for SaaS brands. This landing page has all the right elements to attract users and convince them to take action.

The main highlight of this landing page design is the use of a screenshot from the software solution’s dashboard to explain how the product works.

Moreover, the CTA saying “Start Your Free Trial”, which is the best way to acquire a lead.

Loomly free trial

Main Landing Page Design Highlights

  • A main headline that conveys the right message.
  • Videos and screenshots that better explain the product.
  • Clear CTA with contrasting color.
  • Trust badges to earn new visitors’ trust.


Magento is a website development platform. They have used a dark theme with engaging content to grab the user’s attention.

This brand has used all of the essential elements to optimize its landing page. It has SEO-optimized content, interactive images, trust badges, and so on. If you have a technical product, you can definitely use this landing page design and customize it.

Magento report

Main Landing Page Design Highlights

  • A lead capture form that has a limited number of fields.
  • The call-to-action button copy is clear and attractive.
  • Trust badges from popular review websites.
  • Simple design with white spaces.
  • A mention of the top users of the platform.


Codecademy’s landing page has beautifully demonstrated that simple content and design are always the best. The brand has used clear and crisp content to educate visitors.

Real-person images and integration with social media channels make it an easy-to-access landing page. Moreover, the contact form has a limited number of fields that users can easily fill out. They also have the option to use their social media profiles for a quick signup.

Code academy sign up

Main Landing Page Design Highlights

  • Sign up with LinkedIn, Facebook, GitHub, or Google Plus.
  • Real success stories.
  • Testimonials and reviews.
  • Simple contact form.
  • Easy-to-understand content and design elements.


Calm promises to bring peace and serenity to its users’ lives. And while designing the landing page, the designer has kept the brand’s essence intact. As a result, the entire website structure is calming and relaxing.

Their landing page has perfectly promoted the brand’s message with a relaxing color tone and inspiring content. From this landing page, you must learn how to talk using fewer words. They haven’t used many words to explain their marketing message, but visitors can understand the underlying message.

Calm meditation app for sleep

Main Landing Page Design Highlights

  • Soothing color palette.
  • Clear heading.
  • Engaging content with highlighted keywords.
  • Captivating and enchanted photos.
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Are You Ready to Design Your Own Landing Page?

Landing pages differ from any other website pages. These are dedicated pages to promote certain products and services and landing pages are mostly designed according to a digital ad or email marketing campaign.

These pages help your visitors move down the sales funnel by taking the right actions. Thus, you should consider your marketing goals and targeted audience base before designing your landing pages. Try to keep your landing pages concise, engaging, and target focused.

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