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Social Listening Anywhere: Our Mobile Media Monitoring Apps

Social Listening Anywhere: Our Mobile Media Monitoring Apps

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You want freedom. You want power. You want possibility.
You want to go wherever you need to, and still get your work done. It’s why you have cloud storage and team chat apps and…a laptop.
And now you have the new Mention apps for iOS and Android.
Both of our apps have been completely redone to make your mobile monitoring as easy and efficient as possible.

Why mobile media monitoring matters

You already know the importance of media monitoring. Your brand name lives online, and people may already be talking about you all over the web and social media.
There are millions of new websites every year, social media’s only getting more popular, and review sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor can make or break a business.
So it pays to keep tabs on these online conversations.
That’s why we built Mention, and hundreds of thousands of users seem to agree.
But it’s no good if you’re limited to doing this from your office. Social media is hard to predict, and a “situation” can pop up at any time.  And on the positive side, you want to know as soon as your latest products start trending.
But you don’t need to be chained to your desk! Our mobile apps let you take your brand monitoring anywhere you go.

Why is this valuable?

Let’s consider a few scenarios:

  • You’re out to coffee with a client. Show them how the latest PR campaign is playing out, and how mentions of the brand are on the rise.
  • You’re out of the office for the day, just as a brand crisis breaks out on social media. Monitor the response and coordinate your team to keep the damage to a minimum.
  • You need a quick update on your competitor’s product launch, to see how users are responding to their latest offering. No need to log into your computer – just whip out your phone!

Whatever your reasons, it’s always nice to keep your brand performance data on you wherever you go. And now you can!

What you can do with our apps

Like we said, they’re completely redone. Newness! Prettiness! Usefulness! It’s all there.
You can:

  • Quickly check in on your brand with real-time notifications that you can customize to get the most important updates.
  • Create and edit alerts to track any keyword or phrase.
  • Easily deal with mentions by swiping to take action on them.
  • Prioritize new mentions from certain sources by filtering the rest out.
  • View how influential sources of new mentions are.
  • …and a ton more things we’ll let you discover yourselves!

A quick virtual tour

For Mention’s mobile app users, there are two key features: the feed, and the reports.

The feed

Mention feed mobile apps

This is your media monitoring inbox, where you can see every mention of your brand online. And it’s not just your brand. You can monitor competitors, influential people, and trending topics from around your industry.
Whether they’re social media or forum comments, mentions in industry blogs and the news, or new reviews on all the main sites, it’s all brought to you in one place: the feed.

The reports

Mention iOS app

Regular Mention users will already be familiar with our reports. We used to call them dashboards, but we’ve combined it all into one place.
These show you everything from campaign performance, to competitive analysis, to individual breakdowns of your social media channels. If you have a clear goal in place, your reports show you whether you’re on track to achieve it.
Build reports from your desktop, then take them with you everywhere you go!

Tips for on-the-go monitoring

Now, how can you use the app to its fullest potential? Mobile monitoring is a different game than sitting at your desk.
You’re probably going to be less focused on reading every mention and engaging with everyone. Instead, you might be looking to check in on certain projects or urgent conversations.
Here’s an easy process for monitoring on mobile:

  1. Set your goal. Don’t try to manage everything at once. Start with one objective: like finding support queries.
  2. Build a game plan. Once you’ve had a goal, figure out how to get there quickly. Should you scroll through your feed looking for certain words, or filter by source?
  3. Start monitoring. Now you’re finally going to scroll through the app, taking quick actions and writing replies when necessary.
  4. Customize notifications. You can set notification settings for each alert to make sure you get only the most important mentions on mobile.

Get more mobile monitoring advice here.
Want to give our mobile apps a try? Grab them now – they’re free!

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Brittany Berger

Guest Blogger @Mention