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SEO Case Studies: 3 Success Stories to Guide Your Strategy

SEO Case Studies: 3 Success Stories to Guide Your Strategy

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The benefits of using SEO for your business are massive. You’ll agree with me if you own or run a business and have experienced the benefits for yourself.
Not only will this strategy increase your visibility online, it also helps you convert the traffic on your site to potential customers. The one thing that makes SEO even more effective is a constant conversation with your clients to better your services and understand the goals and objective of your clients’ businesses.
It’s not true to think for a minute that SEO is dying. In fact, while you’re wondering whether or not it’s actually important to use SEO, your competitor is making progress using their services. It’s a long game, so the sooner you start, the further ahead you’ll be.
This article focuses on the SEO case studies that made great business impact on their respective companies. The case studies are discussed below:
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Industry: B-to C manufacturing

This case study was conducted for the Belden Brick Company, located in Canton, Ohio. This company sells its products mainly through distributors, and therefore its website has many pages given the huge product catalog.
They hired an SEO company that has experience in the field – TKG SEO. The problem at hand was how to enhance the existing website and make it work better for clients. The size of the site required a lot of consistency for a heavy increase in leads.

What they did

Clearly, to make notable SEO improvements, effective strategies had to be put in place. This meant that digital experts and web marketing strategists with experience in whatever goes on behind the scenes of search engines had to be selected for this task.
What they ended up doing included included:

  • Researching on a signing a global header and footer for the company. The experts took to the task of creating and well designing a header and a footer for their clients’ website such that as Belden Brick added new products, the SEO company worked hand in hand with them to keep the website looking updated and cohesive at all times.
  • Creating a new lead generation campaign. The process involved exploitation of every possibility to make it work for their client. This involved the optimization of the code and content of the whole website, plus enabling better overall site usability.

The results

The website was able to convert an increased number of visitors by over 85% in less than a year. The consistency by which TKG kept adjusting the online marketing strategy for their client also led to scalable results. The number of visitors who revisited the site also increased, thanks to the increased quality of leads.

Industry: tourism

Maldive Traveller is a tourism company having trouble with the online strategy it had put in place. It was very clear that digital marketing was not working for them the way they wanted it to. They had to do something about it, so they approached a capable company – Fatbit Technologies.
Fatbit Technologies, an SEO company with overall mastery of the internet looked into ways of changing the situation for their client. After an extensive study of the problem, the company came up with strategies that they believed would help their clients.

What they did

Some of the strategies included:

  • Thorough research on Maldive Travellers’ background and ventures – This was necessary to understand the very business that their clients are involved in and find the best moves to put in place.
  • Improve the website content – maximizing the different website content to meet the requirements for effective search engine optimization was also key. They considered the fact that the information had to be unique and of high quality if they had to stand out from the crowd of other tourism sites.
  • Extensive keyword research – effective keywords to put the website on the map also needed to be considered. Fatbit understood this, which made it easier to design other aspects of the SEO strategy.

The results

After a successful execution of the new strategies, there was an increase in the number of visitors per day and consequently increased brand awareness. This had the effect of increasing the number of potential customers who were willing to use the services of Maldive Travellers. Actually the number of visitors per day rose by over 40%.
The strategies employed by Fatbit Technologies not only increased the number of visitors per day, it also increased the number of visitors who returned the website. The regular visits could be attributed to the strategically chosen keywords.

Industry: ecommerce

For a long time, Complete Plumbing Source lacked an ecommerce site for the diversification of their services. They knew very well that they had to do something about it.
They wanted to expand their brick-and-mortar operation online and so they sought the services of an SEO company, TKG, to help turn their idea and year-end goal into a reality.

What they did

TKG’s SEO experts had to come up with the most effective strategies to make it happen. From extensive research on keywords to management of the site, TKG was determined to hang the digital shingle of CPS, and establish and promote their brand online to potential customers. CPS had a lot of products to showcase, and what they really needed was a more user-friendly website and constantly increasing results.

The results

The outcomes of the strategic path taken by TKG were simply out of this world. Within only two years, the total sales of Complete Plumbing Source’s products had amazingly increased by over 2000%. That wasn’t all, the overall organic traffic and leads had upward-moving graphs. This was a great turn around for CPS.


In summary, the highlighted case studies clearly show the various significant improvements in the different sectors in the business niche. Increased number of visitors, growth in the total sales and an upward trend in the rates of conversion are all evidence that SEO is an effective tool in taking your business places. You only have to get the right professionals to do it.

Derek Iwasiuk

Guest Blogger @Mention