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Social Listening Without Interruption: Mention for Desktop

Social Listening Without Interruption: Mention for Desktop

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Are you missing real-time mentions of your brand due to your browser? Do you have too many tabs open all the time?
For many marketers, using Mention to stay on top of social listening and media monitoring is an essential part of being aware and competitive. You need to know what people are saying about your brand, your competitors, and the industry –  the moment it happens.
This can be tricky if you can’t remember which tab you’ve buried your Mention dashboard in. Or, if your social listening keeps getting interrupted because of browser issues.
That’s why you need the new and improved desktop app for Mention – available to download for Mac and Windows OS.
With Mention for desktop, you’ll have all the benefits of the web version, and none of the user experience downside! Here’s why you should try it out.

Get the best experience of Mention

You no longer need to worry about loading problems due to your browser! In fact, you won’t need to change your default browser at all to get the smoothest experience of Mention.

Receive notifications in real time

Not checking your dashboard every few minutes? You don’t need to. Never miss a single mention with your desktop notifications. This allows you to focus on your other tasks and jump into Mention, when you need to.

Be ready to react

With Mention for Desktop, you’ll never have to remember which tab or window you’ve opened your dashboard in again. You’ll be able to respond to your conversations and brand mentions with one click.

Easy peasy.

Try it now

So whether you’re at the office or at home, you can stay on top of your online conversations, wherever you are! So what are you waiting for? Download the app and try it out for yourself by clicking the button below.

Try Mention for Desktop

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Sandra Chung

Guest Blogger @Mention