How Socialdraft uses Mention

How Mention’s API Supercharges Socialdraft

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Socialdraft is a social media scheduling tool. It makes sharing content on social media easy, and provides detailed insight into social marketing performance.



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How Socialdraft uses Mention's streaming API

When Antonio was building Socialdraft, he had features he wanted to add. “I can build a crawler. But we’re not that big of a company. Why get one of my guys to spend three months - and three months’ salary - to build a crawler, when there’s a great API right here that does it for you?”

If they’d built the crawler themselves, Socialdraft would need to constantly update it. “There are so many other uses for it that we didn’t notice at the beginning. Insurance companies use it to crawl Angie’s List. So I’d have to build an Angie’s List crawler, and then a Yelp crawler. It would be a full time job for my developers.”

“Or, for a small amount per year, we can use Mention."
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Industry monitoring

“[Mention] helps some of our clients to understand what the roadmap looks like for them. Say, a local client, and people talking about truffle pizza. You might need to start putting that on your menu.”

Socialdraft also helps clients monitor their competitors. “One of our clients owns a restaurant. He has an enemy who owns another restaurant in the same space. He’s always watching his menu. Literally, day-to-day. He’s using Socialdraft as a spy tool.” “He’s not reading newspapers every day. He’s using Mention.”
How Socialdraft uses Mention

“For us, Mention is a no-brainer.”

Blanca Valbuena
Blanca Valbuena Socialdraft

Customer support

“One of our clients is a non-profit. They’re really obsessive about their brand name. It’s very important, because they make $200-300 million from their brand name. So if they hear someone talking negatively about their brand name, right away they have to interact.” Mention’s sentiment analysis makes finding classifying feedback easier.

“For restaurants, if it’s a positive review, they can share it to social media. If it’s a negative review, they can go and engage that person and find out how to make that customer happy. So it’s customer service in that way.”

“If I ever need support, I just write our Mention account manager directly.”

Antonio Evans
Antonio Evans Socialdraft

Lead generation

Socialdraft also uses Mention to promote themselves. Using Mention’s social listening, they find people who need services like theirs. “Sales-wise, we have our social media guy looking for conversations. He’ll say ‘this person is looking for a social media calendar. Can I convert them to sales?’”

“We’re looking for opportunities. Are they unhappy with our competitor? Are they looking for something that we can offer them? We have all these different things that are easy to sell. We go to them and say ‘hey dude, you were looking for a social media calendar. That’s us.’”

“Mention helps us find new leads on social media.”

Antonio Evans
Antonio Evans Socialdraft
How Socialdraft uses Mention

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