How Bodyguard Leverage Co-marketing Opportunities While Using Mention

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About Bodyguard provides brands with a 24/7 real-time monitoring business solution for moderating user-generated content. With, toxic comments are instantly removed and the operational community management teams of brands can provide their management with ongoing reporting on the volumes of instantly removed toxic comments. offers to companies to protect their community experience and revenues at scale, while maintaining individuals’ freedom of speech.

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For any company, the Internet and social networks provide an exceptional opportunity to communicate with customers and prospects and to engage its online community. But this opportunity is constantly challenged by the toxic content that proliferates online.

Their tool can be easily integrated on social networks and platforms to allow direct access to content and valuable insights. Its technology combines contextual understanding with human accuracy to eliminate 90% of toxic and undesirable content on social networks and platforms (racism, homophobia, spam, scam, fraud, etc.).

Their goal is to create a safe Internet space that allows people to cut through the noise and engage with those who bring positivity and support into their community. Brands can now protect their digital activities, online communities experience and employees from toxicity on social networks with best-in-class content moderation.
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Monitor a challenging name brand

“Bodyguard” is a name that is quite common in a general sense for this enterprise, itself an expert in the collection and analysis of content in real-time on social networks. Capturing web conversations and press articles was a challenge, and using Google Alerts to track their name was simply not enough. Since switching over to Mention, the team has been able to refine their research to monitor the news they and their customers are generating and see exactly what was being said about their brand… They were able to discover all the beautiful messages being shared about them, as well as create partnerships opportunities to strengthen their brand name.

Media monitoring that supports international development is currently expanding internationally at a rapid rate and are using Mention as a tool for measuring the impact of influence in a certain market. One of the standout features for is Mention’s Influencer Score, which allows you to see the score for mentions from any web source, as well as view all of your top influencers.

For example, in the United Kingdom there are not many specialists who are doing what does, so having the number of articles and media reach is important for knowing their impact in a specific market. It also allows them to expand their PR strategy and know which media pieces from abroad are more important to focus on.

Unlock co-branding and co-marketing opportunities

A unique opportunity that arose from using Mention has been co-branding opportunities. Apart from being able to see what investors and customers are saying about them, they are also able to connect with other organizations such as Brut, Konbini, France TV, UNFP, or Jellysmack who have publicly claimed, notably through the press, their commitment to fight against online toxicity and discrimination by referencing

Combining with a social listening tool like allows a brand to know everything that is being said about them in real time on the internet and their social networks. Our clients can proactively preserve the experience and engagement of their digital community, and thus preserve their revenue streams. Additionally, it protects their e-reputation by anticipating potential crises.

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How does leverage Mention?

The team at finds that the main advantage of using Mention’s platform is to find out what customers, investors and other players in their ecosystem say about their moderation solution in order to better collaborate with them and deploy even stronger communication strategies. Mention helps with seeing things more clearly and focusing on what matters most.

The onboarding experience for them was something that stood out because they requested the help of an Account Manager, which made all the difference. It allowed them to have guidance through setting up advanced alerts, boolean queries as well as refining the keywords, which was exactly what they needed. It allowed them to pinpoint certain conversations and better promote their moderation solution to effectively combat toxic content online.

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