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How McCann Signs Clients & Monitors Competitors With Mention

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McCann Worldgroup is one of the world’s largest marketing communications organizations. They help brands in 120 countries build awareness through marketing and advertising.

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McCann tailors their pitches with Mention

McCann uses Mention to show prospective clients the power of social listening. “We make projects and examples of how social listening can help brands develop insights that can improve their strategies.”

They tailor these pitches to companies by creating individual Mention alerts for each McCann prospect. “They give us specific problems they’re having, to see how we could try to solve those. We ask them for a specific case, so that we can demonstrate the deliverables that we will give them once we are hired. It’s one of our pitch tactics.”

“Mention has been very helpful for McCann, for getting new clients into the business.”
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Competitor analysis

Mention’s competitor dashboard makes it easy to track everything the competition does on social media and the web. McCann uses this to keep their clients fully informed. “It gives our customers an 'eyes wide open' perspective of the advantages and opportunities that competitors are letting go, and which spaces we can fill.”

“When we have a new product or campaign, it’s important to see how the increase in our mentions affects our competitors, and also what people say about those other companies.” Mention helps agencies keep their clients ahead of the opposition.
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“We want one single tool that lets us provide many deliverables to our clients. That’s Mention.”

Andrea Fallas
Digital Integration Director
Andrea Fallas McCann

Crisis management

Mention Spike alerts and real-time monitoring help agencies protect their clients when urgent issues arise. “One week ago, we had a crisis with one of our prospects. Mention showed us what was happening, and where the crisis began. It also let us assign someone to the crisis and create a timeline, so that we could give a recommendation to the client of the possible response.”

McCann was quickly able to identify the source of the negative publicity, and decide how to respond to that person. In this case, they didn’t need to worry. “We were able to see that the person who caused the crisis wasn’t an influencer, and we didn’t need to reply to make that person happy.”

“We tried many tools, compared them, and found that Mention was the simplest to use.”

Andrea Fallas
Digital Integration Director
Andrea Fallas McCann

Boolean queries

Recently, McCann added Boolean queries to their Mention account. The goal was to perform even more precise social listening. “Boolean helps us set queries that are more specific and work better for the keywords we want to track. Now we can be as specific as we like, and we don’t have a limit of excluded keywords.” “Boolean helps us provide a better product to our clients.”

“The coaching has been great. We have very fluent communication with Mention.”

Andrea Fallas
Digital Integration Director
Andrea Fallas McCann
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