Mention for Enterprise

Monitor the web, social media, forums, and blogs to learn more about your brand and your industry.

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Mention for enterprise Mention for enterprise

Hear everything said about your brand

Track online conversations as they happen, wherever they happen. No more scouring the web manually, or waiting for your weekly mentions digest. You know what's said, now.
Mention tracks every major social network, plus blogs, forums, news, and review sites.

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Increase your reach and build a network

Build your brand online by finding meaningful conversations to be a part of. Reach out, respond to comments in real time, and grow your community of brand ambassadors.
Our influencer discovery tools help you find powerful voices to work with and spread your message.

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Outstanding Service

Exceptional Service

Get hands-on training and support from our media monitoring experts. From onboarding through to execution, our services are available at no charge.

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Cut through the noise

With so many conversations online, it can feel impossible to keep up with it all. Media monitoring lets you collect all these mentions, to analyze when you have time.

Our advanced Boolean alerts help you narrow down to only the results that really matter to you.

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Get detailed reports

Creating reports can be a thankless, time-consuming task. Instead, let Mention send live, up-to-date reports to any email address in the world.

Our automated reports display your monitoring data your way, with your logo.

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Brand Monitoring

Know what people say about your brand and your industry.

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Competitive Analysis

Monitor your competitors' mentions, campaigns, and clients.

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Crisis Management

Learn quickly when bad news breaks, and respond immediately.

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How Opéra de Bordeaux Strengthens Its Brand Online With Mention

See how Mention supports its public relations and communications on both social media and the web, and helps the Opera maintain its classic brand with modern marketing strategy.

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Get the tool that lets you listen, analyze, and react to everything.

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