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Measure Your Campaign Measure your campaign

Measure your campaign

Get detailed profile information and contact details

Make better decisions Make better decisions

Make better decisions

See every influencer talking about you

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Impress your clients

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Get the right influencer marketing tool for you

Mention is made for modern businesses that need to find influencers efficiently. Discover industry VIPs, monitor your brand, and protect your online reputation from one place.

Search for new influencers by subject

Mention's influencer discovery tool lets you find web and social power users based on their topics of interest. Choose the subjects that matter to you, then browse the database to find valuable partners to work with.

How agencies use Mention

Identify influencers talking about you

Monitor your brand and catch every conversation about you online. See detailed profile information for social media and web users, and identify powerful people talking about your brand.

Learn from your competitors

Other businesses work with influencers too. Track important people talking about your competition, see what they say, and see if they'll partner with you instead.
It always pays to have an eye on the industry.

Why work with influencers?

There are plenty of good reasons to team up with influencers in your industry. Here are just a few:

Social Engagement

Big influencers have even bigger audiences. Find influencers to help extend your reach, and increase your visibility online. This helps your build your brand and reach whole new audiences.

Gain trust and credibility

Influencers have significant sway over their audience. When they talk, their followers listen. Help your brand get the reputation it deserves, and prove to potential buyers that you're worth their trust.

Find brand ambassadors

Brand ambassadors are customers or fans already familiar with your brand. Identify them with Mention, then reach out and see if they will continue to promote your brand to their followers.

Understand your industry

As you identify influencers in your industry, follow them to see what they're talking about. These are the biggest voices in your industry, and you need to know if they talk about your competitors, new products, or trends.

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