How to Conduct Competitive Analysis in Five Minutes or Less with Mention

How to Conduct Competitive Analysis in Five Minutes or Less with Mention

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Imagine if you could compile a weekly competitive analysis in five minutes or less. If you could quickly demonstrate to your boss, colleagues, or clients how the competition stacks up in terms of brand awareness, customer opinions, or sentiment. If you could see how your company compares to the competition in different countries or languages. Well, you can with Mention.

To pull a competitive report in Mention, first set up an alert for your company, and alerts for each of your competitors. See how to set up an alert here. Then allow the program to generate your mentions — Mention will pull 24-hours worth of mentions in a few minutes, then every mention thereafter.

To pull your report,  go to:
Your company alert -> Statistics & Reports -> Alerts (drop down) -> Select your alerts -> Compare.

Then export this data (statistics or individual mentions) to PDF, CSV, Excel, or TSV.

competitive analysis

If you need a specific or more detailed report, you have the option to filter by source, timeframe, language, or mention type (favorite or priority). You can also see how you and your competitors are ranking on different channels — Twitter, Facebook, blogs, news, forums, and the deep web.

With the topics tag cloud feature in Mention’s competitive analysis, you can see which keywords are associated with your competitors to gain a better understanding of how your target audience is searching for products, or what words they’re using based on the needs or problems they’re looking to solve.

These reports will help you paint a picture of where your company’s strengths are, as well as where there is room for improvement. You can decide which channels need more attention, or determine new keywords to set up in Mention to build relationships with untapped members of your target audience.

Give it a try and let us know if you find anything surprising about how you compare to the competition. Have questions? Leave them in the comments below, or of course reach out any time at

Shannon Byrne

Guest Blogger @Mention