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How to Cut Through the Noise Using Mention

How to Cut Through the Noise Using Mention

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There’s inherently a lot of noise in the great depths of the Internet. Fortunately, media monitoring tools help you sift and filter through the clutter to identify the conversations and people having them that matter most to your brand.

However, if you have a common name, such as *cough* “Mention,” it may be difficult to cut the noise out entirely. Good news is, with Mention, there are ways to filter out the irrelevant mentions of your brand name, competitor name, or industry term so you can focus on the communications that matter most to you.

Try these tactics to clean up your feed:

1. Mark mentions as irrelevant

If you’re seeing a high volume of irrelevant alerts with your key term, mark them as irrelevant by selecting the (!) symbol on the mention. Our algorithm will then learn what content is most important to you over time. You can also mark mentions as irrelevant in bulk by using your shift or command key.

mark as irrelevant

Pro tip: Mentions deleted or marked as irrelevant do not count towards your quota.

2. Block specific sources

If you have sources spamming your mentions, you can indefinitely block a particular source. Here is how: Select the spammy mention → Click the gear next to the source name → Select “Block [source name]”

block source

3. Optimize your alert

In Alert Settings, use our None Function to filter out specific key terms. For us, this is “@mention me” “@mention us” and “follow me” for example.
To change your settings, select the gear icon next to your alert name → click advanced settings → scroll down and fill in your none keywords → hit next until you reach the last screen where you’ll hit “save.”
Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 12.11.04 PM

Identify terms that continue to pop-up in irrelevant mentions and use them in your none settings to block them permanently. You can always change these later.

4. Monitor for links only

If you’re only looking for links back to your site, create your alert to monitor rather than “your brand.” That way, you will only receive social mentions containing a link to your site or blog (even if a link shortener is used), forum postings of your articles, and web and news stories that link back to you.


Let us know if you need any help setting up your alerts to filter your noise. That’s what we’re here for!

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Shannon Byrne

Guest Blogger @Mention