Find Influencers

Identify the web users that matter most, and engage
with your company’s advocates.


Discover powerful voices
in your industry

Influencer marketing is a powerful strategy. It helps you boost
brand awareness, improve your reputation, and reach a new
audience. Take your influencer strategy to the next level with


Identify advocates

Find influencers and experts already
talking about your topic on Twitter or
the web. Use your dashboard to find
possible advocates ranked by
influencer score.

contacter influenceurs

Grow your community

Use influencers to connect with new social media audiences, grow your
brand’s community, and build a
valuable network. Learn more about our brand listening.

échanger avec influenceurs

Connect with influencers

Connect with influencers and nurture
relationships by reaching out to
Twitter and Instagram users directly
from your influencer dashboard or
mention feed.

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Increase your campaign’s reach

Plan a campaign that will reach as
many people as possible. Discover the
influencers already talking about your
brand and include them in your
influencer marketing strategy.

Reach people

Reach the right people

You can’t reply to every mention right
away. Reach out to the right people
first and protect your most important
relationships. Filter mentions by
influence and prioritize your most
valuable contacts.

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Monitor competitors

Your competition works with
influencers to help market their
products. Monitor who they work
with, and reach out to see whether
they’d work with you too.

Influencer Scores

Easily find important people with built-in influencer scores. These tell you how
influential a person is, based on their reach online. People with built-in influencer
scores. Discover more about our media monitoring tools.

Find influencers

Twitter Influencers

Use the Twitter influencers dashboard to identify
advocates in your niche. View important stats about the
influencer's audience and reach out.

Web Influencers

Find people who need your services, and market to them
directly. You can even find your competitor's clients, and
convince them that you're better.

Discover ways to use Mention’s influencer dashboards

Influencers shape online opinion. People trust other people more than
brands, so leverage word of mouth through influencers.

Prioritize the big guns

Discover who your biggest advocates and influencers are, and react to their mention in priority. Optimize your time and keep your community happy and lively.

stratégie influenceur

Discover brand advocates

Set up a brand alert in your Mention account and the influencers dashboard will rank your current advocates by influence. Create an alert on industry keywords and you will discover your field’s influencers.

trouver influenceurs

Build your community

Use our influencers dashboard to identify the most influential websites in your vertical. Engage them, build a relationship before you actually need them. Finally, activate this network when you actually need it.

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