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4 Simple Ways to Organize Social Media Tasks

4 Simple Ways to Organize Social Media Tasks

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Social media marketing is constantly bringing new challenges and new opportunities. This study revealed that an inefficient organization of marketing activities cost businesses a loss of whopping $958 million each year. Managing social media accounts can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

Beyond the need to follow the latest social media trends, it’s essential to engage and connect with your audience, publish new content, stay updated on social mentions about your brand, experiment with different tactics, design and create content in multiple formats.

No matter how small or large your brand, one of the biggest challenges is staying organized on social media. This is where the right tools come into play.

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In this article, you’ll find out how to effectively and efficiently organize your social media tasks using the rights tools below.

Schedule and curate your social media content with Mention

Managing different social media platforms, the majority of social managers struggle with a lot of challenges such as discovering and presenting different types of content, staying active and engaging, understanding content that works best and updating social media accounts. Unfortunately, a lot of small businesses do this mindlessly without building any killer strategy and automating the social media process.

A social media tool like Mention can handle all these tasks. You can easily collect your social media accounts in one place, schedule your posts in advance and keep with your content calendar wherever you are.


Moreover, the tool allows you to create relevant and engaging content based on your insights, delegate important tasks to your teammates, and instantly react and respond to social mentions on Twitter or Facebook directly from the app.

Mention lets you monitor what is being said online about your product and send email notifications with the key information on a daily basis. Thanks to Advanced Research, you can easily filter the noise and focus on what matters for your needs.


Analyze your social media traffic and conversions with Finteza

Monitoring social media traffic is an important task, especially if you want to better understand the quality of social media traffic, how users engage with your social media ads and analyze conversions rates of each channel.

In most cases, social media users are lurkers. To click your link or visit your website, they need to view a lot of headlines and scroll down dozens of images and videos. You should be very creative to catch your target audience’s attention from investing in Facebook ads to creating great videos for IGTV.

Unfortunately, social media platforms provide a minimum amount of information on your traffic quality and conversions. This is where Finteza can help you gather and show analytics right away.

The tool offers advanced web analytics functionality that allows you to monitor traffic quality from each social media channel in real-time, detect low-quality traffic, and analyze your conversions.

To use Finteza, you should do the following:

  • Register Finteza for free and add your website.
  • Get the automatically generated HTML code and insert it into all pages of your website.

The tool will immediately start collecting relevant statistics. If you want to see the overall traffic and traffic quality from social media, go to Sources ->Social and choose the platform you want to analyze.


Click through the “Quality” report to measure the quality of social traffic, detect fake conversions, and view your traffic breakdown.


You can also see where your social media users come from, which languages they speak and which devices they use. To find out which pages generate more clicks and conversions, just go to Pages ->Entries.


If you run a social media advertising campaign, you can click through “Ad zones” and view how your users interact with your ads, estimate the efficiency of marketing materials, compare conversions and optimize your advertising budget.


The best thing about Finteza is that you shouldn’t be an analytics expert to gather analytics. The tool provides advanced event tracking and traffic segmenting features that advanced analytics experts will find useful as well.

Create a full-fledged strategy checklist with SE Ranking

Social media marketing includes a lot of strategic planning that a lot of small businesses don’t take into account. A good plan lets you guide your actions and better understand whether you’re succeeding or failing. The more specific your social media strategy is, the more successful the execution will be.

In most cases, most marketing campaigns follow the same process:

  • Monitor and learn from the competition.
  • Brainstorm the concepts, hashtags, and copies for your campaign.
  • Interact with influencers.
  • Strengthen your email outreach.
  • Create great images, videos, and graphics.
  • Create and schedule social media updates.
  • Build daily engagement reports.

To organize these social media tasks, you need to use the to-do list method to help you get through the process. These to-do lists make it easy to give the control of your recurring tasks in your hand and plan tasks to delegate to others.

Like Judy Blackwell from Hasner Law says, “to-do lists allow us to make sense of the world around us. It’s a simple habit of increasing our daily productivity, prioritizing your tasks and avoiding time-wasting”.

You can easily create your first checklist inside SE Ranking that offers a great Marketing Plan productivity feature. It helps you to outline the overall marketing strategy, repurpose all kinds of checklists, collaborate with your team, and get things done right away.

To start creating your checklist, you need to register for an account and add your website as a project. Then, click through the Marketing Plan -> To-do list and create a detailed roadmap to outline your social media strategy.


Beyond social media, you can develop a detailed checklist for your overall marketing and SEO strategy. The plan includes all the points you need to stay on top of what’s down and still needs to be incorporated.


Together with this ready-to-use plan, you will get additional information on each point to help you improve your marketing strategy.


Create and edit social media videos with Animoto

An Animoto’s Marketer Trends Report says that 73% of online marketers create at least two videos every month for their social media campaigns. Creating and editing video is a time-consuming task but it helps you increase sales and traffic, educate your customers about your products or services, and dramatically reduce your support queries.

Gary Vaynerchuk summed it up nicely: “One of the most significant strategies in content marketing today is creating different videos. Whether it’s a video on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube, the content you need to be thinking about creating and marketing on social for your business is the video”.

To streamline the process, you can use Animoto for your business needs along with a wide range of different templates depending on your marketing goals. The tool can create live-action videos, schedule and share videos on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

To start creating your video from scratch, choose the storyboard you like, upload your photos or videos, and change the short videos in each segment. You can easily add watermark, text, filters, music and the font to your videos. You can also change a video format between landscape and square.


Bonus tip: use live chat and chatbots to interact with your social customers

With the advent of live chat and chatbots in social media marketing, it makes it easier for brands to learn more about their customers, gather the data and better serve your customers on social media in the way that matters most.

According to this research, the number of social messages requiring a quick answer from a brand boosted by 18% from 2015 to 2016. It means that today it’s essential to use chatbots to improve customer communications and sales on social media.

Most customers don’t want to wait for a response for 2 working days and need to fix their problems within 30 minutes, if not less. One biggest advantage for brands is the opportunity to automate conversations throughout your organization and initial interaction with social users.

With a free live chat tool like Tidio, you can easily integrate with social media platforms like Facebook Messenger,  answer all the customers’ queries within a few minutes, sell your products, find out much about your followers and improve the productivity of your employees.


Here’s you can learn how to integrate your Tidio account with Facebook Messenger and quickly chat with your followers.

Bottom line

If you want to be successful at social media, you need to do much more than setting up accounts and publishing engaging posts. Sticking to your plan helps you keep everything running smoothly and stay organized as you build your social media presence.

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Organizing your social media tasks manually can be time-consuming and overwhelming. With the right tools, you can speed up these daily tasks and focus on other important tasks like collaborating with other brands, creative thinking, designing better social media graphics, etc.

To create a comprehensive and successful social blueprint, you need to keep your social media organized and the four tools above can help.

Irina Weber

My name is Irina Weber, a freelance writer, and content strategist. I love helping brands to create, publish, repurpose, and distribute content through different marketing channels. I am a regular contributor to a lot of media outlets like SEW, SME, SMT, CMI, etc.

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