Stay ahead of the competition

Know where you stand compared to competitors and gather information on their products, major updates, and marketing approach.

Never miss important information about your competitors

Collect intelligence from countless sources across the web - even ones you didn't know existed. Whether that’s organizational changes, product launches, or service enhancements, our reports provide a comprehensive analysis of your competitors’ updates, empowering you to make informed decisions.

Outshine the competition

Measure your share of voice against the competition, the starting point for your successful strategic plan. Compare your social media strategy against theirs, areas of influence, sentiment analysis, days of activity and the primary topics resonating with your audience. Use this knowledge to redefine your priorities and get more customers.

Observe their tactics and formulate a winning strategy

Identify key influencers and crucial partnerships that drive your competitors' success. Armed with this information, build your own community and alliances to gain ground in the market. Mention is your strategic ally in turning competitor intelligence into a roadmap for success.

What Mention can do for you

Check your competitors’ reviews
Compare your social media strategy
Analyze your share of voice
Track their product updates
Update your competitor dashboards
Access historical data

What our customers say about Mention

  • It comes down to trust. Mention was well known as the experts of media monitoring, so naturally, we went with them. We know we can use their tool and trust it 100%.

    Juliette Hervé

    Content Marketing Manager @Spendesk

  • Mention is a crucial tool for shaping our offerings and pricing. Frankly, I consider it indispensable for running my business.

    Nathanael Rosidi

    CEO @StrataScratch

  • We were contacted several times by one of Mention's competitors. There were a few differences, but overall, Mention achieved the same results. However, the price had nothing to do with it.... For me, Mention is the best value for money.

    Damien Haudrechy

    Social Media Manager @K•LINE

  • The most important metric for us is being able to anticipate threats. We’re using some of Mention’s reporting tools to bring clients the information before they’ve seen it themselves.

    Lex Bearden

    Digital Content Manager @Calvert Street Group

  • Mention allowed us to automate media monitoring and get real-time alerts whenever our brand was mentioned online. It saves us hours every week.

    Darby Wong

    CEO @Clerky

  • Mention showed a spike in popularity among South Korean Instagram users. We quickly translated our ads to Korean, to target this new
    market. We would never have known about our Korean market without Mention’s analytics.

    Schöneck Shoaf

    Cofounder @1 Second Everyday

“It's a highly competitive market. There are a ton of other software options, each with their differences, but we all do webinars. It's very hard to differentiate yourself. So for us, it's very important to listen to what people are saying about us and our competitors on the web.”

Thibaut Davoult, Growth engineer, @Livestorm

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“We also wanted to step up our game when it comes to competitors. We want to see the issues their users have. Not in a malicious way, but we want to make sure we avoid those same issues ourselves.”

Allie Goodsby, Social Media Specialist @Kajabi

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“It gives our customers an 'eyes wide open' perspective of the advantages and opportunities that competitors are letting go, and which spaces we can fill.”

Andrea Fallas, Digital Integration Director @Mc Cann

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