Social Media Competitive Analysis

Easily monitor your competitors on social media and learn from their strategy.

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Analyze the competition on social media

Your competitors' communications and marketing strategies are open to see on social media. Social listening makes it easy to track, analyze, and respond to what you find.

Get instant updates

Get instant updates

Be alerted when they launch a new product or campaign.

Monitor reactions

Monitor reactions

Watch their marketing strategy, and see how social users respond.

Track customer complaints

Track customer complaints

Monitor for common complaints and make sure you don't make the same mistakes.

See what works

See what works

Identify their best-performing content and aim to outdo it.

Find new influencers

Find influencers

See the big names talking about other brands and make a connection.

Follow every social network

Follow every social network

Get new mentions delivered to your inbox, and avoid manual searches.

Benchmark your brand on social media

The best way to know that your social efforts work is to compare yourself with others around you.

Benchmark your brand on social media

Measure your market share

What proportion of social media conversations are about your brand, vs your competitors? Work to improve it each month, until you're the leader of the pack.

Track social sentiment

Are social users more positive towards your brand or the competition? Built-in sentiment analysis makes it easy to find out, so you can focus on improving.

Identify new markets & Create monthly reports

Do your competitors market themselves in other countries, or different languages? Find out where they're strongest, and consider marketing your products the same way.

Good benchmarking needs to be consistent. Build competitive analysis reports in a few seconds, and check back every month to monitor improvements.

Who can use social competitive analysis?

All aspects of your business can benefit from competitor analysis, not just your social media team.

For marketers

Monitoring competitors shows you what works - and what doesn't - for others in your industry. This is a great way to find new content ideas and to understand your buyers better.

Competitive analysis for marketers

For product designers

You'll learn what customers love the most about your competitors' products, which lets you make necessary improvements to your own.

Competitive analysis for product designers

For executives

Keep an eye on their business approach, and make sure you're not missing something. And easy reporting means you won't have to waste time doing so.

Competitive analysis for executives

How brands monitor competitors with Mention

See how a few leading businesses track their biggest competitors on social media and the web.