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How ACS Tracks Global Insurance Markets with Mention

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ACS is a French insurance company specializing in travel and relocation coverage. It provides global coverage to customers all over the world.




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Reputation management

Like most modern businesses, ACS needs to maintain a healthy reputation online. This means keeping a close eye on mentions about it. "As an insurance company, we have to be able to help people 24/7. If they're talking about us and asking questions on new media that we don't know about, we still have to be there. Sometimes they even talk about us on Twitter but they don't tag us, so we can't see it. Thanks to Mention, we can answer quickly."

"In travel insurance, this is one of the first pillars in our contracts - responding quickly. It can be on blogs; it can be on forums. We don't want to leave these comments online without any answer. Now we can see even when they don't talk about us directly. They just talk about "travel insurance," and we can answer."

This ability to respond quickly has helped the company avoid serious problems. "One morning we discovered a bad review on a very famous forum, Routard. When we typed our brand name into Google, there were about 30 bad reviews appearing immediately. So it was very important for us to respond quickly and resolve the customers' issues. Thanks to Mention we saw it immediately, and we were able to fix it. Without Mention, we would have seen it 3 hours or more later."

Brand monitoring

With customers all over the world, in multiple languages, tracking its brand online can be a challenge. "Without Mention, I would have to go to each platform concerned with insurance. There are a lot, as we're in both the French and the English market. I'd also have to pay a visit to the most important travel blogs, as well as some specialized insurance media. There are some big media outlets in our field, and I'd have to check them every day to see what's said about us and our competitors."

Instead, Mention brings all of this information to one place. This saves significant time, and makes sure they don't miss a thing.
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"In 30 minutes I have a good overview of what happened overnight and the previous day. It's very convenient."

Sharone Toitou
Community Manager

Industry tracking

ACS also needs to monitor the wider industry. It needs to know when people are looking for insurance so that it can provide a better service. "The challenge was to know what was said on the web about our company, but also about all of our field. It's very important to know what people say about travel insurance because maybe we can adapt our products, or create some content to answer people's questions."

Competitive analysis

ACS keeps a close eye on other brands offering travel insurance. This is particularly important for its marketing strategy. "I'm looking for where they are mentioned. Maybe it's a medium that we can also be displayed in. Maybe websites, magazine, forums, or blogs."

"It also lets me see their websites, so I can see if they have any new products or content. Maybe there's a topic that we can also write about. So for us it's a very effective tool."

"Mention saves us a huge amount of time every day. We don't have to go looking for reviews and comments - they're right there!"

Sharone Toitou
Community Manager
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