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How The Social Clinic Wows Clients With Mention

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The Social Clinic is Saudi Arabia’s first social business and social media agency. Their clients cover a range of industries, including fashion, electronics, automotive, NGOs, and finance.



Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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Monitoring clients’ campaigns

As an agency handling many clients, The Social Clinic needs to monitor a range of digital media. They listen for “literally any mention that’s being said about the client. Any campaign, any product, any variant. That’s really important.”

“We have alerts to track certain keywords, the brand health in general, any press releases out there, any magazines, any online forum or anything talking about the client.” This lets them report to their clients and provide a better service. “The clients really appreciate when we’re the first to know, because they’re the first to know.”

Based in Saudi Arabia, The Social Clinic needs a multilingual tool. “80% of our tracking is in Arabic, and 20% is in English. It’s working very well [in Arabic].”
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Competitor monitoring

Part of their service is reporting to clients about competitors’ strategy. “If you take your client’s competition as seriously as you take your own client, [they] really appreciate [it].”

Using Mention alerts, they watch for new campaigns and fresh activity around competitors. “We come up to the client and tell them ‘listen, here are screenshots of your competitor. We just picked it up a few hours ago. This is how we think you should retaliate.’ I think that’s where the added value really shows.”

“It’s a very good tool for tracking the competition.”

Bilal Hallab
General Manager
Bilal Hallab
The Social Clinic

“Mention is a great tool.”

Bilal Hallab
General Manager
Bilal Hallab
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Mention & The Social Clinic

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