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How Domino Internet Signs New Clients with Mention

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Domino Internet is a boutique agency specialized in web hosting, website design, search engine optimization, and Google Adwords. Since 2017, they also provide media monitoring and crisis management to clients from various industries.
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Signing new clients

For agencies, finding and signing new clients is a key priority. Because media monitoring is new to some companies, Domino Internet likes to present a report to show prospects what their service would provide. "We like surprising them with a little study of their own case. As soon as you show them something, they see exactly what this tool is for."

One particular instance stands out for José. "We did one of these pre-meeting studies for a client that wanted to know how good the information from Mention would be. So we analyzed them against a list of sensitive words like 'bad,' 'broken,' 'rotten,' etc. After an hour, we found a tweet from a customer saying that he had found a pigeon feather inside a can of tuna. This client is a food manufacturer, so we opened our presentation with that. We said 'this is what Mention is for.' They didn't want to see anything else."

"90% it was Mention, and 10% is was a good idea from us. But it was breathtaking. I could show them that this is how the world works now. People don't call your 1800 number. They don't send an email. They post an image with a hashtag for the big news channels and massive media companies. We told them 'this could happen to your tomorrow,' and we signed them right away. That was actually our first experience with Mention."

"It's helping us to open many doors that we never had access to. Huge companies. As a tiny agency with three people, we were only working with small companies. To be honest, I didn't expect to get calls from the companies we're getting calls from. They're saying 'please come in and meet us next week.'"

Offering new services

As a small agency, Domino Internet has traditionally served clients with a few specific needs. "Our expertise is in web development. But we wanted to provide more services to our current clients, and also to try to attract new and bigger clients."

"We realized that providing services related to social networks and content could work. Some clients don't only want us to create content for them, or help them with SEO, but they actually wanted to go further into social networking and analyzing what was going on with their brand. We realized that we didn't have a tool that could help us."

After testing more than 20 media monitoring tools, they identified Mention as the tool of choice. "We valued Mention as top of the list. Our client came back to us quickly saying they wanted to move forward with Mention, and with our agency."
How Domino Internet agency uses Mention

"With Mention, the price reflects the work we do. When we sign a new client, we need more mentions. So we pay more as we earn more. I'm very happy with that. Other companies were not happy to be flexible like that."

José Delgado
Jose Delgado Mention

Crisis management

One of the new services that Domino now offers is crisis management. They watch for negative comments about clients so that they can respond quickly and avoid serious harm. "This is something that our client really wanted to know - if there were any problems. They not only wanted to improve their social media marketing, they also wanted to have the best possible communication with their customers in case of a crisis."

This approach only works with tools that are trustworthy. For Domino Internet, this is not a problem. "It's really well balanced with tools and features to help you and your company harmful conversations. Mention is always pushing in both directions: marketing and crisis management.

"We didn't want a tool that was investing only in one side or the other. We wanted to work 50/50, on both."

"For any prospect that is new to media monitoring, this is a "wow" product. It will leave their mouth hanging open. We've seen that reaction from clients, and that was when we realized we needed to include it in our services. It has that "wow" factor. I've seen reactions that I haven't seen in a long time."

José Delgado
Jose Delgado Mention

Giving hands-on access to clients

Some agencies take full control of their Mention account for clients. This is great, but can be time-consuming. Domino Internet prefers to give the power directly to the client. "We provide our clients access to the tool and help them to set up their reports, but they handle their information."

"Financially, it's too expensive for some of them to have us on call 24/7. So instead, we just give them access." They provide occasional support and deal with Mention directly, but let the client take the reins.

"We stay close to them as a resource, and we help them set up and maintain their Mention account. We meet every three months to show them any new features, and to show new staff how to use the tool." This proves cheaper for the client, and they maintain control over their brand and communications.

"The general policy about how to communicate will depend on the company. Only they know the precise words that will suit their brand at the precise moment. So it doesn't make sense for us to handle it for them. It makes more sense that they have hands-on access to their Mention account so that they can react quickly."

"Our clients really value the excellency of the product. That was critical for us."

José Delgado
Jose Delgado Mention
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