Easy Social Media Monitoring Tools

Increase brand awareness, improve your reputation, and build valuable
relationships on social media. Mention's powerful social listening
platform makes this simpler and more effective than any other.

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See who's talking
about you on social media

People are already talking about you on social media. Social media
monitoring tools make it easy to find them, and reach out.


Join the discussion

Twitter, Facebook & Instagram integrations let you reply and engage right from your Mention dashboard.


Monitor on the go

Apps for IOS and Android, Mac and PC let you react immediately from anywhere in the world.

équipe marketing

Work with your team

Collaborate with your social media team by sharing and assigning tasks to each other.

analyse réseaux sociaux

Learn and improve

Custom reports and analytics dashboards show you what’s working, and provide tailored market research.

réseaux sociaux

Manage your community

One dashboard, collaborative tools, and billions of sources. Connect your social accounts to react from the app.

trouver influenceurs

Find influencers

Built-in influencer scores show you the most important voices, so you know who to contact.

Improve Customer Support With Social Listening

Customers have embraced social media for their support needs. By setting
specific, real-time keyword alerts and assigning tasks to team members, you can
help customers as soon as they need it.

React in real time

What good is finding a conversation, if it's too late to respond? Receive Mention alerts as they happen, and respond from within the Mention dashboard.

Get brand analytics

Use your social listening data to learn more about your brand. This includes sentiment analysis, competitor monitoring, and much more.

Weed out irrelevant

Social media is awesome, but a bit overwhelming. Our
social mention tracking shows you only the information you need, so you’ll see fewer, but more relevant, mentions.

Find & engage new

Find people who need your services, and market to them
directly. You can even find your competitor's clients, and
convince them that you're better.

Use social media monitoring tools to build your community

Having a lively, vocal, and involved community benefits any company. Luckily,
social media monitoring is one of the best tools to develop your community.

Find related topics

Use the related topics found in your alert’s analytics to see what else your audience is talking about in conversations. This helps you find content ideas on Twitter or Facebook, and tailor your marketing efforts.

marketing de contenu

Find opportunities to engage on social media

Monitor specific keywords related to your industry, answer users’ questions, and share related content that can help solve problems. Monitor your content and thank those sharing it with a personal message. Create relationships with your community - they’re your future customers.

Boost your brand awareness

Companies everywhere use social media to build name recognition. It's even easier with the right tools. Mention lets you find influencers to spread the word, and join conversations you'd otherwise never know existed.

visibilité marque

Join conversations
to build trust

Once you’ve grown a community, keep fuelling it. Create trust through conversations. Social media monitoring software helps you find conversations your customers, promoters, and readers have anywhere. Monitor your content and brand name, and always let people know you appreciate their support. Help with problems, and don’t hesitate to show some love by sending out gifts - virtual or physical.


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