Make Brand Monitoring Easy

Want to know how your brand is perceived online? Mention's brand monitoring gives you everything you need, in a very simple platform.

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Grow your brand with
Mention's brand monitoring

People are already talking about you online. Brand
monitoring and social listening make it easy to find them.

trouver clients

Find customers

Listen carefully to your target market.
Collect tailored market research,
reach out on social media & blogs.

impact marque

Measure your impact

See the full reach of campaigns.
Measure mentions, analyze results,
and react directly from the dashboard.


Track your competition

Identify competitors and monitor
them online. Learn more about the
competitor dashboard.

analyse réseaux sociaux

Analyze your results

Create and export customizable real-
time reports about your monitoring data.


Optimize your alerts

Stop losing time looking at irrelevant
results. Customize your alerts by
combining or excluding keywords.

analyse sentiment

Cut through the noise

Silence the social noise using filters
based on language, location, date, or

Advantages of brand monitoring

Mention gives you the marketing tools to monitor your brand’s perception online.
Track brand awareness, sentiment, and reputation of your brand or your competitors.
Learn more about media monitoring

Brand Tracking

Better market research

Why rely on focus groups and tired email surveys? Market
information is more available than ever. Create alerts to
easily track your competitors and the overall industry.
Build detailed buyer personas, explore new markets, and
get ahead of industry trends.

Real-time brand equity

Understand your brand and its relationship with
customers. Your brand has value, and brand monitoring
lets you measure your brand equity in real time by
tracking and analyzing conversations about your

Precise brand monitoring
with Boolean

Learn more

Some brands receive floods of mentions. The sheer number can
be overwhelming. Mention's anti-noise technology, sentiment
analysis, and priority inbox help you find important mentions
right away. Boolean queries let you narrow your search as much
as you need to.

Brand Tracking

React immediately

Use our built-in engagement tools to easily reply to social media mentions. Prevent
crises, build relationships, and provide customer support when people need it most.
Learn more about of our social media monitoring tools.

How to use brand monitoring

Discover how brand tracking can help improve your digital marketing.

Learn from your competitors

Who says you can only track your brand? You can, and should, monitor your competitors. Understand how your competition engages its customers. Discover what their audience likes and is likely to share. Find out what works for them (and what doesn’t) to adapt it to your brand’s strategy.


Learn more about your followers

It’s no secret: keeping your customers happy is essential to business, especially since it’s cheaper to keep customers than acquire new ones. What better way to keep customers happy than to understand their problems?


Find new hot topics

As a company, your customers look to you for insights and education. You have to be aware of your industry’s trends. But finding out which topics to write about can sometimes be complicated. Use brand monitoring to identify topics that customers are frequently talking about.


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Leetchi is the leading European crowdsourcing platform.
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