Volunteer-based COVID-Solidarity.org uses social media to find ‘helpers’

Volunteer-based COVID-Solidarity.org uses social media to find ‘helpers’

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Paris and New York, April 14, 2020 — Mention, leading social listening and media monitoring platform is helping Public Health organizations to monitor and report during the Covid-19 pandemic, by providing free access to its platform [*]. The current volume of conversations about the pandemic has drastically increased across the web and on social media. Since the devastating outbreak, online sources are serving as main forms of communication for the general public to access accurate and reliable information regarding health and safety.

Covid-Solidarity.org is one of the organizations using Mention to find helpers online and through social media. The organization connects volunteers and isolated people within neighborhoods, to assist with basic necessity shopping. The organization’s aim is to foster more solidarity within society through social connections, both on and offline to make life easier for those who need help.

“Our team is made of entrepreneurs, students and creative-minded people who have volunteered to drive this movement forward. This movement grew from a single Facebook post, that snowballed into people wanting to help, and looking for a way to get involved – that’s when Covid-Solidarity.org was created. Our platform belongs to everyone involved, the sole purpose is simply to help those in need, by bridging a community of people’s connections, knowledge and time.” Olivier Rousseaux, Covid-Solidarity.org, Organizer

“In one week we gained 5,000 volunteers through social media, and now have more than 600 persons helped and a success rate of 90% in match-making. We are able to pinpoint who is talking about the virus and filter that down to who is looking to help. From there we’re able to connect with people and react faster to find more volunteers and convert them into helpers of Covid-Solidarity.org”Olivier Rousseaux, Covid-Solidarity.org, Organizer

“Mention has always sought out to help companies work smarter and make better decisions based on relevant social insights: in times as such, this mission extends to our greater community to help better understand what is truly happening online. As a company that is not playing a part in the front-line work of this pandemic, we believe our service has a role to play for grassroots organizations such as Covid-Solidarity.org to convert online conversations into humanitarian actions.”Jean-Philippe Baert, CEO, Mention

To find out more information about becoming a volunteer of COVID-19 Solidarity please get in touch via www.covid-solidarity.org. or www.facebook.com/covidsolidarity

Mention’s offer is available worldwide for eligible organizations [**]:

  • Non-government organization (NGOs)
  • Public Health initiative or entity
  • Research laboratories or health institutions involved in COVID-19 related research.

[*] Limited conditions apply to free access, an invitation of reassessment of your organization’s need and use will take place after 3-months
[**]Offer is available to prerequisite organizations listed.

Press contacts
Meghan DuCille, Global PR Manager | meghan@mention.com
Anna Willems, CMO | anna@mention.com

About Covid-Solidarity.org
Covid-Solidarity.org is made by the public, for the public. It consists of an agile team of talent that has quickly learned to work together, online, to beat the Coronavirus. The team of volunteers collective intelligence is proven to be more impactful than traditional and conventional organizational methods. Covid-Solidarity.org connects volunteers and isolated people, to purchase and deliver groceries and shopping to those who need help most. Its aim is to foster a more solidary society and a simpler life for those who need help.

About Mention
Mention is a leading all-in-one social media management tool, designed to ensure brands can easily track the most important conversations across social media and the web. Mention allows clients to monitor and plan social media the smart way, by offering brands and industry social data to inform each publishing decision. Founded in 2012, Mention’s customer base exceeds 750,000 users in over 125 countries, with over 4,000 enterprise clients. Since September 2018, Mention has joined the NHST Media Group.

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Meghan Ducille

Meghan is the Global PR Manager @Mention.

Global PR Mananger @Mention