Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 10.49.54This is a guest blog post by Bertrand Besse, CEO of PressKing, an all-in-one solution for the online management of press relations.

Ok, so you’ve already found the best tool to monitor your brand. But how do you actually *get* mentions in the first place? How do you increase your chances of being covered by journalists?

Of course, spending the time to write powerful and concise press releases is an important step. But the most important thing is often forgotten: you have to help journalists do their work by then presenting these releases in the best way possible. How? By implementing a nice, regularly updated press room

A press room is a journalist’s window into your business. It gives them an inside view – so why not prominently display what you do best? And help them show it off? Here are 8 essential types of content and information journalists are expecting to find in your press room:

1. A short description of your service or product

When a journalist first arrives on your website, chances are high that after the homepage, they’ll go directly to your press room. Most won’t register to try your service right away (they often don’t have the time to do so). A journalist should understand from the very first moment what you’re doing and what makes you different and interesting – why you’re newsworthy. So keep it simple, and let what you do speak for itself.



2. Your latest press releases

Your press room is of course the best place to store all of your press releases, letting you build a record of your biggest milestones. Your latest press release should be visible and easily accessible, as well as the list of your previous press releases. It makes a journalist’s life much easier, helping them quickly figure out what you’ve achieved so far.


3. Your company and key people’s contact information

If a journalist has questions, wants more details, or even wants to do an interview, it’s extremely important to offer them all of your relevant contact information. Don’t hesitate to share your company’s different contact endpoints (specific emails, Twitter accounts, everything they’ll need to get an answer fast). This includes the phone number of the person in charge of your press relations.



4. Short founder biographies

Founders are often one of the best assets to “sell” your company to journalists. Don’t hesitate to add a short bio about them with some their accomplishments, or a simple list of what makes them stand out above the crowd. Don’t forget to add high definition pictures of them as well.


5. Diverse media files

Screenshots, videos, PDFs, your logo… Nothing is more frustrating for a journalist than to have to look for your logo, or to have to register and login to your website to capture great screenshots themselves. Ease the process and offer them everything they’ll need right there in your press room. This will help you too, as you’ll ensure that only the most up to date screenshots or product images are being used to represent your brand in the news.


6. Your press coverage

If some websites, newspapers, or even radio and TV stations have already covered you, you should definitely add these articles into your press room. It gives you credibility in the eyes of other media people, and lets them size up what’s already been said about you.


7. A multi-device friendly press room

In a world that’s more and more mobile-centered, your press room should be accessible and readable from any device: computers, smartphones, or tablets. In 2014, having a responsive, quickly-loading press room is a bare minimum.



8. Your social network accounts

Whether it’s to contact you or to mention and share them in an article, your different social accounts should be clearly highlighted. From Twitter to Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest, it’s never a bad idea to let journalists know that readers can find you there.

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 12.19.50

This has been a guest blog post by Bertrand Besse, CEO of PressKing. To find out more about PressKing, visit their website. And let us know if you have any other ideas about getting press coverage by tweeting us @mention.  

Matthieu is CEO of Mention, where he moves all Trello cards to the right and closes deals. He splits his time between Paris and Brussels. Say hi @mvaxelaire.

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