breaz is a marketplace that connects the web developers with the best opportunities in tech companies across Europe.

Using Mention for customer acquisition

Most our clients came to us through word of mouth or PR, but we needed to find a way to increase our customer acquisition base faster. We discovered that Twitter was the most efficient channel.

We do not cold call prospects. Instead, we try to think out of the box to attract new clients.

We decided to use Mention to be notified in real-time when somebody was looking to hire a developer.

For the French market, we’ve created an alert using the boolean search. We wanted to get all the Twitter mentions containing the word “recrute” (“hire” in english) and the word “développeur” (“developer” in english).

customer acquisition

I connected my personal Twitter account to Mention so I can jump into conversations and talk about my brand. (We think it’s more efficient than using your brand’s Twitter account, because it adds a human touch and creates a more personal connection.)

customer acquisition

With cold emails, we were seeing a 15% response rate. With Twitter through Mention, we’re seeing a 75% response rate. It’s definitely the most effective channel we found!

Using Mention for PR

We’ve been using mention for two different functions of public relations.

1. Anytime we have a major press release, we create an alert with the title of the article to make sure we know who is sharing it on Twitter. It’s a very good way to get in touch with “influencers” who are interested in your subject.

customer acquisition

2. We’ve created alerts on our competitors’ names on the “News” and “Web” sources to see where they’ve been mentioned. This helps us identify and reach out to journalists with a contextualized messages.

Wrapping it up

As a new startup, it’s important to quickly identify quick wins and scalable (as scalable as they can be, at least) approaches to building relationships and a book of business. Mention has allowed us to build important relationships quickly when it matters the most.

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