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How Social Listening can Enrich your Clients’ Marketing Campaigns

How Social Listening can Enrich your Clients’ Marketing Campaigns

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Creating effective marketing campaigns that add value to your client’s brand isn’t always easy. As an agency juggling multiple clients across different industries, it can often be challenging to go above and beyond to meet their individual needs and expectations.

Whether you’re a full service marketing agency or specialized in social media, social listening can be the engine to power you to go the extra mile. You may be looking to optimize your current marketing work, or start providing extra services to supercharge your agency’s value proposition. In any case, there are countless ways for agencies to leverage social listening. Read on to find out three of the key activities that a social listening tool like Mention can assist agencies with.

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Table of contents:

Developing a research-driven strategy

According to a study by S2 Research, nearly all clients expect their digital marketing agency to conduct market research as part of their work. In addition, more and more clients are expecting their agency to play a key part in strategy development. 

Perceived importance of marketing tactics chart
Source: Summer 2020 Marketing Decision Makers Survey (S2 Research)

Staying on top of market trends and best practices should be done on a regular basis to ensure marketing strategies remain relevant and effective. As well as this, doing a regular competitive analysis to benchmark your clients against their competitors can help you to identify areas of opportunity and potential threats for their brand.

Social listening helps you to see the bigger picture and see your client’s brand outside their own bubble.

It might be tempting to put off time-consuming market research projects in favor of work that produces more immediate results. The solution: set up social listening alerts in advance to streamline the process and incorporate more market insights into your regular routine. Once you have the framework set in place, market analysis becomes much easier and less of a dreaded task.

Sharing incredible content that your audience loves

In 1996, Bill Gates proclaimed “Content is king”, and a quarter of a century later this still rings true. Even if you’re not an agency specializing in content creation, you may be responsible for your client’s content curation, distribution or promotion.

Social listening provides the perfect way to monitor feedback to existing content. You can very quickly learn what resonates with your client’s audience by tracking what they interact with and share.

Getting ideas for new content campaigns is effortless – by monitoring what the competition are doing you can get an idea of what works for them and what could work for you. Keeping an eye on what’s happening in the world right now can help you to create content that’s relevant. Who doesn’t want to be relevant?

With social media listening, you can get inspired and make informed content choices that engages your client’s target audience.

Proving the value of your work to clients

All of your hard work will go unnoticed unless you can show its value. Some of your marketing campaigns will have a direct and visible impact on your client’s key business goals such as lead generation, sales and ROI. But, some goals aren’t as easy to measure using traditional KPIs, and this is where social listening reports come in handy.

Mention custom dashboard reporting
Source: Mention’s Custom Dashboard Reporting (Mention)

A good social listening tool will be able to provide quick, insightful reporting which shows evidence that your work is having an impact on key aspects such as: 

  • Brand visibility
  • Reputation
  • Influence in the industry
  • Engagement
  • Share of voice

These metrics aren’t always straightforward to measure and communicate, but with the right tools under your belt this is an effortless task. For example, Mention’s reporting functions allows you to automatically schedule social listening reports, which gives you even more time to focus on what you do best.

Show off the full extent of your campaign’s impact with social listening reports – because you deserve to brag about all the hard work you’ve been doing!

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What’s next?

Luckily for you, we’ve devised a checklist for agencies to get you started with social listening. In the checklist, you’ll find a quick but complete breakdown of some things we’ve mentioned in this post and more. Get yours today to start supercharging your client’s marketing campaigns.

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