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Powerful Insights and Custom Reports

Custom Dashboards

If you have multiple clients with different needs, you need to be able to serve them in different ways. Mention's custom dashboards let you mix and match alerts and metrics, to deliver exactly what matters to the client. No need to rely on default dashboards. Give your clients their data the way they want it.

Insights Center

Want to look closer at your clients' high-level monitoring data. Explore the reach, sentiment, and gender for your clients' mentions, and look for interesting trends. The Insights Center is Mention's analytics playground. Find out what's really going on with your client's brand online.

Automated Reports

Agencies spend an incredible amount of time reporting to their clients. And for good reason - they need to prove that they're delivering what was promised.

Now you can provide data on their brand and competitors without even opening your laptop. Automate the reporting process and start using your time for more important things.

Nike report

Save time, big time

Creating spreadsheets and sending reports is basically a fulltime job. But automated reports take this effort out of your hands. And the more time you save on reporting, the more time you have to be creative and serve your clients.

Impress your clients

Everyone loves data they can understand. Deliver detailed, insightful reports to clients that are both impressive and easy to understand. And if you set them up ahead of time, they'll be delivered without you doing a thing.

Work with your whole team

Your reports can be sent to any email address in the world. That means clients, partners, and colleagues. Everybody who needs access to this monitoring data will have it, whenever they need it.

Social Engagement

Monitor your clients' shares, likes, and retweets, and help them gain momentum on social media.


Was a client mentioned by a major influencer or publication? See the reach of these important mentions, and aim for more!


Running a new campaign for a client? Watch as new conversations blossom, and track them all back to that first post.

Share of voice

See who has the largest share of the social and web audience - your clients or their competitors.

Sentiment Analysis

See whether your clients' campaigns get the reaction they deserve. Measure sentiment for their mentions and try to improve it.

Languages and Countries

As your clients look to break into new markets, tracking mentions in these new countries and languages can be very useful.

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