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How Ecosia Protects the Planet with Mention

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About Ecosia

Ecosia is a charitable search engine. All ad revenue goes towards planting trees around the world, with the aim of bringing water and animals back to drought-stricken areas.



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Ecosia builds brand awareness

Ecosia monitors for articles discussing their unique business model. This is a key method of building brand awareness. “I can share them on our social media, which our users find amazing, and they end up sharing it, and then someone else picks it up and writes an article.”

Mention allows Ecosia to share content they’d otherwise never have seen. “If I didn’t have Mention, I wouldn’t come across those articles. As there are so many different articles and blog posts, it’s just impossible to keep track of unless you use a tool like Mention.”
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Correcting false information

As a charitable organization, it’s important to prove that their money is spent responsibly. “Many people have questions about our business model. That’s something we find very important, because we’re trying to be as transparent as possible.”

As part of their monitoring strategy, they reach out to answer questions and correct false information. “So if somebody comments on an article that we haven’t come across yet, I find it very important to say ‘you can see our donation receipts here,’ or ‘we publish our business reports.’”

“Thanks to Mention, I’m able to say ‘you can see our donation receipts here,’ or ‘we publish our business reports.’ That saves us a lot of angry comments and distrust.”
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“It’s something that actually has saved my professional life, which has made it more easy many times.”

Jacey Bingler
Head of Media Relations
Jacey Bingler
Ecosia uses Mention

Mention & Ecosia

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