Advanced Alerts for Agencies

Full Boolean queries for pinpoint monitoring.

Advanced Alerts

Unlimited keywords

We help you identify your goals and choose priorities

Monitored pages

Learn how to create a great monitoring environment

Precise Filters

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Catch every mention

You need to know to know that your client won't miss important conversations. We monitor billions of sources every day, to make sure your clients don't miss a thing. Best of all, this happens in real time, so you can be quick to respond.

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Don't miss a mention

Cut through the noise

Advanced alerts let you combine lots of relevant keywords, for very precise results. You won't waste your time on unnecessary conversations, and you'll still see every valuable post or comment. Most important, your clients will only receive mentions that matter.

Cut through the noise

Track different languages

Advanced alerts let you identify key languages and choose specific keywords for each, all in the same alert. If your clients care about mentions from around the world, you'll be able to track them all, no matter the language used.

(Almost) unlimited keywords

Media monitoring usually comes with a keyword limit. This can make building the perfect alert tricky, and create too much "noise." Advanced alerts allow up to 20,000 characters - more than enough for your clients' needs.

As many keywords as you need

How do they work?

Our Advanced alerts rely on Boolean logic. These queries let you combine as many keywords as you need to narrow your search down. You can include or exclude as many as you like, in order to create the most precise alert possible.

With Boolean you receive fewer results, but each of them is exactly what you’re looking for.

"Nasa Mission"
"Apollo Space 2017"

Powerful filters that helps you for your needs

Precise monitoring is essential for your clients. Your Advanced alerts can be filtered by:

Social media, news, blogs, & forums


Including news, blogs, forums, and social media

More than 40 languages supported


More than 40 languages supported

Identify mentions in specific countries


Monitor countries important to your clients

Find powerful people talking about you


Identify influencers for your clients

Monitor specific pages to see everything said


Track specific pages and see everything said

Track when two keywords are used together


Watch for two words used close together

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