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Measure Your Campaign Measure your campaign

Measure your campaign

Get detailed profile information and contact details

Make better decisions Make better decisions

Make better decisions

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Impress your Clients Impress your clients

Impress your clients

Search for new influencers in any industry

Get the best influencer marketing platform for your clients

Mention lets you automate the influencer discovery process. Find influencers talking about your clients and their industry on social media, blogs, and news sites - with ease.

Find influencers by subject

Our influencer discovery tool lets you search for any topic and see high profile influencers talking about it. Choose a subject that matters to your clients, and find new influencers to reach out to.

Discover Influencers

Spot influencers talking about your clients

Powerful people may already be talking about your clients online. Track their brand(s) on social media and the web and uncover valuable VIPs with something to say. Reach out, make a connection, and earn a new ally.

Learn from other companies

Monitor other businesses and learn from their influencer marketing strategy. These could be your clients' direct competitors, or other brands in their niche. What works for them may work for you too.

Why are influencers important?

Influencers can be incredibly valuable to your clients, especially as you grow their business. Here's how they can help:

Increase brand reach

Influencers come with an audience of committed followers. That's what makes them influential. When they talk about your clients, you reach a whole new pool of potential customers and fans.

Build trust and credibility

When influencers talk, their audience listens. Their words hold sway. So when they recommend your clients' products to their fans, this builds a positive brand image, and improves the client's reputation.

Find brand ambassadors

Without knowing it, you may already have powerful customers that love your clients. These can be some of the best influencers around. Identify them, work together, and make a lasting connection.

Get to know the industry

Influencers are the tastemakers in an industry. They know the trends - they even create them themselves. Follow these voices closely to ensure that your client's products and message are the best they can be.

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